The Committee for the Protection of Journalists has written a special report on the imprisonment of journalists worldwide – and Turkey occupies the proud position of number one jailer in the world. As ever, the EFJ has been ensuring that this information get circulated widely as part of their Set journalists free in Turkey campaign, and has provided a link to the report below as part of their weekly update.

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) launched an international campaign to set free all journalists in Turkey.

11 Dec 2012 – For Turkey, world’s leading jailer, a path forward, CPJ. Full link.

11 Dec 2012 – Number of jailed journalists sets global record, CPJ. Link to full report.

11 Dec 2012 – A record-number 232 journalists are imprisoned worldwide and Turkey has the highest number, ABC News

10 Dec 2012 – Operation in Istanbul : 2 journalists (Zozan Eser and Sadiye Eser) under arrest, Bianet (in Turkish)

10 Dec 2012 – Turkish cinema asks: Which human rights?, Hürriyet Daily News

10 Dec 2012 – State media regulation? Ask the reporters in Turkey’s jails how it works, The Observer

10 Dec 2012 – Turkish justice system cast into major doubt, Morning Star

08 Dec 2012 – Over 70 journalists remain imprisoned in Turkey: Report, PressTV

08 Dec 2012 – IPI: 71 journalists in prison, DIHA

08 Dec 2012 – IPI Visit Highlights Press Freedom in Turkey, Bianet

08 Dec 2012 – Turkish Cameraman, Jordanian Reporter Win 2012 SEEMO Human Rights Award,

08 Dec 2012 – IPI ignores the official figure ‘three’, Hürriyet Daily News

04 Dec 2012 – IPI kicks off press freedom mission to Turkey, International Press Institute

04 Dec 2012 – Crisis in Turkey’s Newsrooms: The Risks of Reporting on the Kurdish Issue, Pulitzer Center

04 Dec 2012 – Imprisoned Journalists Are Not Alone, Bianet (in English)

04 Dec 2012 – Heavy penalties for DIHA correspondents Sinan Aygün (10 years) and Islim Uçan (6,3 years) in KCK Bitlis trial, ANF (in Turkish)

Upcoming events

13 Dec in Istanbul : Ergenekon hearings

27 Dec in Istanbul : : next hearing in OdaTV case

28 Dec in Istanbul : next hearing in Devrimci Karargâh case

04 Feb in Istanbul : next hearing in KCK Istanbul case