Below is the latest news from the European Federation of Journalists’ (EFJ) international campaign to set free all journalists in Turkey.

08 Feb 2013 – 7 Media Staff Freed Pending Trial in KCK Case, Bianet

05 Feb 2013 – EFJ President König reports on the latest hearing in KCK case,  EFJ website (click here for Spanish)

05 Feb 2013 – Turkey Cannot Defend Record On Press Freedom, Kadri Gürsel / Al Monitor

01 Feb 2013 – The EU or the Middle East, where goes Turkey ? Jan Espen Kruze / NRK (video report)

01 Feb 2013 – German MP, Hakki Keskin, writes an open letter to the Turkish PM,  (full letter in DOC)

31 Jan 2013 – Conflating critics with terrorists in Turkey / CPJ

Upcoming events:

18 Feb in Istanbul : next hearing in Ergenekon case

21 March in Istanbul : next hearing in OdaTV case

22-26 April in Istanbul : next hearings in KCK press case