The charter of the new areas of democratic self-rule in Rojava has been made public. You can view the Charter in full here.



Preface :

We the peoples of the areas of self-administration of Democratic Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians (Assyrian Chaldeans, Arameans), Turkmen, Armenians, and Chechens, by our free will have  announced this to materialize justice, freedom and democracy in accordance with the principle of ecological balance and equality without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, creed ,doctrine or gender, to achieve the political and moral fabric of a democratic society in order to function with mutual understanding and coexistence within diversity and respect for the principle of self-determination of peoples, and to ensure the rights of women and children, the protection defense and the  respect of the  freedom of religion and belief.

  The areas of the democratic self-management, does not accept the concept of state nationalism, military and religious.  It accepts the centralized management , central rule and it is open to the forms of  compatibility with the democratic and pluralistic traditions, to enable all social groups , cultural identities , the Athenian and national to express themselves through their organizations, and respect the Syrian border and human rights charters and preserve civil and international peace. And to carry out the articles of the social contract , and to construct the democratic society through the self-management which includes the social justice , and in order to build the civil society ,all the goals of the  consistent of Kurds, Arabs , Assyrians, Armenians, Chechens and others  , the democratic self-management society have united according to the basis of unity in diversity, and has agreed to the will of the rest of the Syrian People’s constituents in order to make the areas of the Democratic Self- Management within the democratic multiple Syria as a political and administrative system for society and  to represent  this will and achieve these goals we have put and clarified this contract.

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