As common project of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and Ocaxa Ciwanên Rojnameger we start again Resistance Diaries. In those we want to report about the different attacks against the Rojava revolution and the resistance of the people.

These Resistance Diaries are different to those that were done in the past to report about the Turkish invasion against Afrin in 2018 and Serekaniye in 2019. One reason is because there‘s no offensive war at the moment. But also because we want to create an understanding that war is more than attacks with bullets and bombs. And that resistance is more than military selfdefense. In theory we had known this already before coming to Rojava, but what that means we just have understood here.

The understanding we got is what we want to share with the Resistance Diaries. Because to defend what has been built up in Rojava and what may be built up in other parts of the world, it‘s necessary to have an understanding of the different attacks of the enemy. But also about the different ways to resist against them.