Peace in Kurdistan Campaign today sent this message to the SNP congratulating them on their landslide victory in Scotland in last week’s election:

Nicola Sturgeon MSP
Leader of the Scottish National Party
First Minister of Scotland

10 May 2015

Dear Nicola Sturgeon,

We send our congratulations to your party and the Scottish people on the news of your historic victory in the British general election.

The outstanding result speaks for itself and demonstrates a clear message that the Scottish people overwhelmingly demand more devolved powers and freedom to control their own resources in order to shape their own destiny.

The Kurdish people, who in Turkey are fighting to achieve their own political breakthrough in the forthcoming June election, are greatly inspired by the success of the SNP in achieving this commanding level of support. This outcome surely means that Scotland’s voice can now no longer be ignored by the mainstream political parties in Westminster.

The Kurds are waging a similar struggle to have their voice heard and hope that the hand of friendship between our peoples of Scotland and Kurdistan will be strengthening in coming months.

With warm regards,

The team at Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Peace in Kurdistan
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