In his defence writings Abdullah Öcalan self-critically analyses left and socialist movement’s understanding of revolution and dissociates from ‘social engineering’. How does he conceptualise and redefine the revolution? What is the role of revolutionaries in this understanding and what role does his model on moral and political society play?

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This event, hosted on 13th July 2021, is the 4th webinar of the series Öcalan’s Paradigm on: Redefining the Revolution, hosted by Network Women Weaving the Future. The speaker for this event is Meral Çiçek. Meral works at the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office (REPAK), which she has co-founded in 2014 in Southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan. She is editorial board member of the Jineoloji journal and writes a weekly column for the daily Kurdish newspaper Yeni Ozgur Politika.