Peace in Kurdistan campaign, along with Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), is pleased to support this new international campaign launched by the EUTCC calling for the release of Adem Uzun:





The international community while waiting for creative dynamics in context with the complicated Turkish-Kurdish dialogue at the same time Mr. Adem Uzun as one of the ARCHITECTS
OF KURDISH DIPLOMACY is arrested in Paris.

Especially now facing the start and the necessities of the formalization, of strengthening and deepening the content of a permanent conflict resolution : Kurdish diplomat Uzun is prevented by his active participation.

Adem Uzun is fully committed to a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish issue and we are concerned that peace and reconciliation will be much harder to achieve without the expertise of such a seasoned activist. We strongly reiterate the demand to French authorities for our friend Adem Uzun’s immediate release and for the dropping of the baseless accusations.


A Genuine Kurdish Diplomat Imprisoned in Paris – Adem Uzun

On 3 December 2012 an International Peace Initiative supported by Nobel-Peace-Prize laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu, His Holiness Dalai Lama, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Jose Ramos-Horta, among many others, was launched to reopen peace negotiations between Turkey and the PKK. This encouraging event that would end almost 30 years of bloody conflict and injustice in Turkey has won broad international approval. Recently it was known to the public that new talks have taken place between the Turkish state and Mr. Abdullah Öcalan on the island Imrali.

A political solution to one of the most stressful conflicts for Turkey, Europe and the Middle East is at the beginning of 2013 within reach.

While the international community are waiting for the first results from the Turkish-Kurdish dialogue Mr. Adem Uzun, a high-ranking Kurdish politician and the architects of Kurdish diplomacy continues to be incarcerated by French authorities. His arrest appears unfortunate because he was one of the Kurdish officials who earlier met in Oslo with Turkish officials from 2009 to 2011.

His arrest was clearly a political attempt to curry favor with the Turkish authorities who had just complained that France and Germany were not supporting Turkey’s campaign against the PKK and its so-called terrorism in Europe. The allegations against Adem Uzun are frankly absurd as they are based solely on the denunciations of a highly questionable agent provocateur. Thus at the very moment discussions are commencing for initiating a lasting peace settlement between Turkey and the PKK that would benefit the prosperity and stability in the Middle East, in Europe, and the entire world.

The unfair incarceration of Adem Uzun prevents the Kurdish diplomat to play his active role in a peace process which requires the diplomatic competence and political skills that Uzun hold. By the continued incarceration of Adem Uzun thereby becomes. The Kurdish problem in Turkey cannot be solved by arresting and detaining its peace negotiators. Accordingly, in the interests of furthering the renewal of the peace process between Turkey and the PKK, we appeal for the immediate and unconditional release of Adem Uzun.

We call on the international community hereby individuals, organisations, parties and NGO’s to sign this petition in order to put pressure on French authorities to release Adem Uzun on the reasons mentioned in this letter.

Kariane Westrheim  – Norway/ Professor Michael Gunter – Tennessee / Hans Branscheidt – Frankfurt / Judge Essa Moosa – Capetown
Chair of EUTCC Secretary general Board of Directors Board of Directors


Imre Kertesz – Nobel Price Owner Berlin/Budapest – Jon Rud – Former amnesty international chairman Norway – John Ralston Saul, a la membrecía de PEN – Michel Weiss – Now Media (United States) – Dr. Hisyar Ozsoy KNCA – USA – Enki Bilal – Cartoonist – Paris – Dr. Florian Schaurer – Berlin – James Lovelock – Scientist – UK . – Jan Espen Kruze – Journalist – Sara Whyatt – Pen International – Lucinda Kathmann – Mexiko, Pen – Isaac Tutumlu Lopez – Car Racer – UK – Paul Otto Gehlhoff – Evangelischer Pressedienst – Hannover – Dr. Georg H. Küster – Journalist – Zurich – Eric Chaime Kline – Art Gallery – Los Angeles – Elke Krystufek – Artist – New York – Professor Raimund Ruetten – Romanist – Frankfurt – Latif Rashid – Sulaimania – Kamal Chomani – Lvin Magazine Hewler, actually Bangalore – India – Michael Ley – Autor – Germany – Gabriele Wohmann – Autorin – Germany – Benthe Rotschild – Paris – Le Monde – Dr. David Stang – Brandeis University – USA – Dr. Helmfried Becher – Evangelischer Pressedienst – Frankfurt – Jürgen Brodwolf – Sculpteur – Germany – Malina Espinoza – Journalist – Mexiko – Ronnie Bunting – Republican Press – Ballymurphy Belfast – Edvard Kovac, – Chairman of the Writers for Peace Committee of PEN International – Jean Prader – Charlie Hebdo – Journalist – Paris – Marcel Ollivier, Painter – Paris – Carl Williams – Maggs Brothers – London – Yves Loffredo – Journalist – Paris – Dr. Faeq Golpy – Journalist – Erbil – Malek Khoury , Journalist – Daily Star Lebanon – Grete Schmeissing-Lemberg, Middle East Council of Churches – Cyprus – Dr. Salar Bassireh – Writer – Düsseldorf – Universität Sulaimania – Martin Glasenapp, medico international, Frankfurt – Christopher Dickey – Journalist /France/UK – Christian Dotremont – Journalist – Belgium – Katrine Kielos – Aftonbladet – Sweden – Nicholas Birch – Journalist – Amir F. Ghadry – Journalist – Boston Globe – Salar Rashid – Journalist – Sulaimania – Padraig O’Connor, Irish Republican News – Belfast – Muallam al Hassan – Journalist – Al Monitor – Michael Knights – Boston Globe – Karl Kerenyi, Scientist, – Budapest – Moses Alison, Actor – New Orleans – Francois Lecointre-Drouet, Directeur Theate du Soleil, Marseille – John Wronoski, Antiquarian, United States – Ethan F. Young, Councellor Johannesburg RSA – Germaine de Chapeaurouge, Lawyer, (Paris) – Eric Bisson-Millet – Journalist – Grenoble – France – Dr. Kamal Mohanna, (Beirut, AMEL Medical Network) – Mike Mills – Filmproducer – (USA) – Dr. Edel de Roos, Psychologist, Austria – Kamran Fatah, Journalist, Sulaimani – Professor Andreas Buro – Peace Researcher – Germany – Dr. Jean Morgenthaler , Psychoanalyst – (Zürich) – Penelope Diamond, actress & New Factory of the Eccentric Actor, UK – Hawar Abdul-Razaq Ali – Journalist & Translator – Rudaw Weekly Paper – Erbil – Ihsan Efrini – Dentist – KNCNA, Board of Directory – Canada – Baqi Barzani – Sulaimania – Erbil – Simon Frazer – Journalist – New Zealand – Kamal Chomani – Lvin Magazin – South Kurdistan – Wolf Rohrbrunn – WDR – Cologne – Eric Rouleau – Journalist – Belgium – Guy Deperaux, Journalist – Belgium – Dr. Kamal Artin – Psychologist – Los Angeles – Kamal Golpy – Journalist – Al Monitor – Dr. Manfred Bock, Lawyer – Frankfurt – Amy de Chapeaurouge – Journalist – Grenoble.

We urge everyone who is committed to a peaceful political resolution of the Kurdish conflict to declare themselves friends of Adem Uzun and to add your voice to the calls for his
release”. Please sign our Appeal!  (Send your signature to:

Write Mass-Postcards to Adem Uzun:
M. Adem UZUN – (en état de détention) / Maison d’arrêt “LA SANTÉ” – 42, Rue de la Santé – 75674 PARIS – Cedex 14 – France

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