We started with fresh energy into the spring, organized, discussed, planed and also planted diverse things. Some fruits can already be seen. On the 28. of May, as example, the Internationalist Youth Festival toke place in our name. 1400 people came together in Lützerath to listen to great music, dance Kurdish dances, connect, discuss and celebrate. It was in this way possible thanks to all the activists defending the village Lützerath against coal-diggers from the corporation RWE by fighting all state-authority. The festival was a full success, on one side celebrating together our mother earth and our resistance, on the other hand strengthening connections to the more radical ecological movement in northwest of Germany.

Another fruit growing, nearby ready to pick is the new book: “Social Ecology and the Rojava Revolution”. After our first Book “Make Rojava Green Again” and the reader, published in 2019, it will be our third publication. We are right now in the last 7 days of our crowdfunding to print the book. It opens up with a foreword, like in the first book, by Debbie Bookchin. Following you will find texts written by the philosophers and fore-thinkers Abdullah Öcalan, Carolyn Merchant and Murray Bookchin. It is all rounded up with the colourfull artworks of Matt Bonner. Especially in this time with threats of new wars, we should deepen our understanding of how the clashes going on are the reason for our ecological crisis. With supporting our crowdfunding at you will automatically get the new book, or even our old one, delivered to your home.

We wish you a productive summer, hope that ours in Rojava doesn’t get too dry and are happy to send our greetings soon again.

-The MRGA Comitee