The Free Women’s Congress (KJA) has sent out this invitation for a fantastic three day programme of events for the 4th World March of Women:

2015 world womens dayKJB

The 4th World March of Women of 2015 starts on 6th of March in Nusaybin to act in solidarity with the resistance of Kobanê. It meets with the Diyarbakir Meeting on 8th of March. We look forward for all women to go to Kurdistan for raising the solidarity.


Kongreya Jinên Azad

Free Women’s Congress

World March of Women – Program of IV. Action Year

Nusaybin/Mardin/Diyarbakır 2015


6 March 2015, Nusaybin

09.00-11.00 I. Panel/Forum: Democratic Confederalizm and Rojava Revolution

                     Under the Leadership of Women

09.00-11.00 II. Panel/Forum: Ecology and Exploitation of Nature

11.00-13.00 Lunch

13.00-16.00 III. Panel/Forum: Discussions on Gyneology

13.00-16.00 IV. Panel/Forum: Women’s Labour and All Forms of Violence Against Women

18.00 –        Music Recital by Mizgin Tahir

*The participants will spend the night in Nusaybin.

7 March 2015, Nusaybin-Mardin

09.0011.30 Nusaybin Meeting

(Nusaybin Meeting and meet with Cizire Canton on the border)

12.00 Departure from Nusaybin

13.30 Arrive to Mardin and Lunch Time

16.00 March of Mardin

18.00 Dance Performance and Music Recital

*The participants will spend the night in Mardin.

8 March 2015, Mardin- Diyarbakır

09.00 Departure from Mardin

11.00-16.00 Diyarbakır Meeting

17.30 Dinner – Cigerxwin Culture Center

19.00 4 Kapı 40 Makam Dance Performance– Cigerxwin Culture Center

            Woman, Labour and Mystery Art Exhibition

*The participants will spend the night in Diyarbakır.


9 March 2015, Diyarbakır

11.00 Activity of the Tigris (Dicle) Valley’s Protection

13.30 Lunch

15.00 Free time

*The participants will depart to Hatay.