The KCK condemns the massacres in Shengal, declares those who lost their lives as martyrs, and praises all resistance forces who are struggling against ISIS:


On the 14th of August 2007, our Yazidi people in the Shiba and Shex Khidir villages of Shingal suffered a bloodthirsty massacre in which 450 of Yazidi Kurds lost their lives. We vehemently condemn the perpetrators of this massacre and remember with respect the victims of the massacre.

KCK declared as martyrs those who had lost their lives in the 14 August Shingal massacre and decided to embalm their memory by enhancing the freedom struggle.

The Yezidi Kurds have suffered numberless massacre and genocides throughout history. The massacres have been carried out with the aim of eliminating a community, a culture, and a belief. But the Yazidi Kurds have never bowed to all these massacre decrees and have always resisted in the Shingal mountain to defend their honor. The Kurdish People’s Leader, Leader APO as well as our Freedom Movement have always revered the existence and freedom of Yazidi community whose history is full of great resistances against genocides, expatriations, and suppressions; We have struggled hard to ensure the longevity and freedom of this great resistance culture and belief, at any cost.

Once again, in another August, the Shingal Mountains are representing a great honor and resistance. The Kurds will never forget the massacre perpetrated by ISIS. History has shown again and again that without self-organization and self-defense no nation and no community could guarantee their existence. Leader APO has reiterated this fact time and again. History has showed it to us, though with great sufferings. From now on, the Yazidi Kurds will not only organized themselves but also establish their own self-defense force. Kurdistan Defense Forces, that is, HPG, YJA-Star, YPG, YPJ, and YRK, will continue their heroic resistance devotedly to defend the existence of the Yazidi people and materialize their freedom. No bandit group and no predatory-genocider force can avert it. The Kurds in the four parts of Kurdistan and in diaspora should give a helping hand to the resistance of Yazidi community and support them by mobilizing all their assets. Like any other community, the Yazidi Kurds should know that their entity and freedom depends on the extent to which they organize themselves, resist, and achieve self-awareness.Therefore, all the Yazidi Kurds should either take part in the resistance front or, if not possible, give their hearts and their available resources. The resistance of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and that of our Yazidi people are the resistance of all beliefs, cultures, and the oppressed.

Once again we condemn the Shingal massacre, bow respectfully before the memory of our martyrs, salute our people’s resistance and reiterate our oath of enhancing our struggle for defending the free and honorable existence of Shingal.

13 August 2014
Co-presidency of KCK Executive Council

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