Latest statement from the KCK:

Despite all the inequitable and unbalanced conditions, the people of Kurdistan achieved a very important success in the local elections. Due to the newly-ratified metropolitan law they had already lost 22 towns won in the 2009 elections; but they secured a big increase in the number of municipalities by gaining 27 towns more in recent elections. We salute and congratulate our people for their great success in the elections, their recalcitrant resistance in the face of all the repressions and conspiracies of the AKP administration, and for their defense of their will and honor.

The BDP ran its elections campaign under the slogan of “WITH SELF-RULE, TOWARDS FREE INDENTITY”. Leader APO attributed the importance of a referendum to this election and our movement has regarded the BDP’s success in the election as the people’s attaining their right to self-rule. We interpret the results as the ratification of democratic self-rule by our people. So, the great thrill and enthusiasm of the people of Kurdistan for their election success is quite understandable.

The AKP administration and all other mainstream parties did not tolerate the BDP’s success in the elections and took on an aggressive approach. The AKP administration, CHP, the Gulen Movement and MHP planned a common strategy and action plan against our people’s legitimate democratic will. They set the background for all types of deceits, lies, plots, and offenses by spreading such propaganda as “the Kurds will declare and establish democratic self-rule”. They set their common strategy and plan on such an approach: “under any circumstances whatsoever, don’t let the BDP win the elections, don’t let the Kurds attain their self-rule”. In order to reach this aim, they held meetings with many tribes, tried to spread distrust and dejection among the Kurds by blackening the BDP candidates and to disintegrate and break the Kurd’s unity and resolve by resorting to the military, police, and village guard forces. They tampered with ballot boxes in many cities and towns, stole or even tore the BDP’s vote papers, and organized many re-voting cases. They brought many soldiers, polis and employees from outside to vote in Kurdistan in their favor, and forced many people to vote openly for them. Weeks before, the AKP had insistently claimed that the ballot boxes would be tampered with and that there would be deceits in the elections. It is now clearly observed that, through this propaganda, the AKP has tried to disguise and cover its anti-democratic mentality, repressive approaches, tricks and plots. By organizing attacks on HDP all over Turkey, the state followed a strategy to break the will of the Kurdistan’s people for their self-rule and to impede the way to people’s democratic opposition. It’s quite clear that CHP and MHP followed a state policy by acting in line with this strategy and served as reserves to AKP.

The people’s votes have formally been stolen, torn, and obliterated in Ceylanpınar, Viranşehir, Birecik, Kozluk, Kurtalan, Ağrı, Ahlat, Kağızman, Gevaş, Akdeniz, Dağpınar, Tatvan, and Norşin. Failing to win the elections through democratic ways, the state resorted to all kinds of tricks and repressive measures. The High Electoral Commission and local electoral commissions took side with the AKP administration and operated as an instrument for it. While all the ballot revision appeals of the AKP, though undocumented and misinformed, were immediately approved, the same appeals of the BDP, based on clear and concrete information, and even video documents, were immediately rejected. Therefore, the electoral commissions have acted as the organizational branches of AKP. That’s the case in Ceylanpınar, Birecik, Viranşehir, Ağrı, Ahlât, Kozluk and many other towns. This clearly shows how the AKP closes the channels and eliminates the routes to democratic politics and democratic struggle. By doing so, the Turkish state forces the Kurds to come into conflict with their own values, bow to the pressures, and surrender. But the Kurds are honorable and resistant people. They have not bowed to any repression throughout history. Their honorable and
glorious resistance during a 40-years-long struggle, at the expense of heavy costs, has brought about considerable outcomes. Nobody should fall into such a heedlessness to expect the Kurds bow to the pressures and surrender. The Kurds will definitely resist to the pressures. They will defend their votes, their virtue, and their honor under any circumstances whatsoever. In this sense, our people’s resistance in Ceylanpınar, Birecik, Ahlat, Tatvan, and Ağrı is legitimate, rightful, democratic and venerable.

The spokesman for AKP administration Huseyin Celik revealed his intolerance of the BDP’s election success by stating “I am terribly sorry for losing the city of Van”. The AKP carries out attacks with its entire means in Ceylanpinar, a town already used by Al-Nusra and other bandit groups to facilitate their attack on the Rojava revolution. The civil and armed bandits are attacking the people in an attempt to forcibly take Ceylapinar form the BDP. The military, police, village guard, and militia forces of the AKP administration, which have started an intense rush of intimidation, torture, suppression, and detention campaign in Ceylanpinar, Viranşehir, and Birecik against the Kurdish people, carried out an armed attack on the democratically elected mayor of Dergule in Şirnak.

Our people’s resistance against the anti-democratic, repressive, and fascist attacks of AKP is a legitimate one, and at the same time, a democratic struggle. This resistance is a people’s struggle to defend their will, their honor, and their future. The AKP’s attacks in Ceylanpınar and Viranşehir against our people are in fact attacks against the entire people of Kurdistan. Our people in Kurdistan and in the metropolises should defend the election results with a spirit of national unity and freedom and advance their uprisings until they achieve their rights. The fact is that, if taken over forcibly by AKP administration, the municipalities will not be legitimate and our people will not acknowledge them.
Once again we warn the AKP administration. It should respect the will of the people of Kurdistan. It should leave its attitudes based on tricks, plots, and repressions. Otherwise, our people will take reprisals against these anti-democratic and repressive approaches. Every trick and attack will not be left unreciprocated. The people of Kurdistan, joining their forces with Turkey’s revolutionary and democratic circles, will pursue their struggle with more determination and confidence.

02. 04. 2014

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