Dear all,
    we have just published parts of an interview with Duran Kalkan, member
    of the Executive Council of the KCK (Kurdistan Democratic Communities
    Union), about the latest developments in Kurdistan, the Middle East and
    the world.

    In the interview, Duran Kalkan talks about the ongoing isolation of
    Abdullah Öcalan and the international struggle for his freedom, the
    primary responsibility of the English state for the genocide in
    Kurdistan, the increasing massacres in Turkey´s prisons, the war against
    the Kurdish People as the main reason for the economic and social crisis
    in Turkey, the failure of the official opposition parties in Turkey to
    develop an alternative policy, the likelihood of the war spreading to
    all parts of Turkey, the silence of Baghdad and Erbil against Turkey´s
    occupation of South Kurdistan, the risks of continuing international
    support for the AKP-MHP regime, the danger of a war all over South
    Kurdistan and the upcoming May 1.
    You can find the whole interview here:
    Please don`t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or
    interview requests.
    Azad Serdar
    KCK Press Office
    twitter: @KCK_Kurdistan_