The Muslim Students Organisation of India recently held a conference in Lucknow, UP,  called ISIS: A Threat to Global Peace, in which the speakers slammed the CIA, Mossad and Saudi Arabia for creating the terrorist group. Below is the press released we received from the conference organisers.


Lucknow, India 28th Dec 2014.

“ISIS/ISIL is terrorist group created by CIA and Mossad” – Shujaat Ali Quadri

This assembly in the National Conference on, ISIS: Threat to the Global Peace  on 28th Dec 2014 (Sunday), at UP Press Club, Lucknow UP India, organized by Muslim Students Organization of India MSO, (an apex youth body of majority of Muslims belonging to peaceful ideology of Sufism). 
Mufti Abul Irfan Firangi Mahli (chief Qazi of Lucknow) said that Israel and Saudi Wahabi are behind the creation of ISIL and its associated terrorist group like Al-Nusra Front and Free Syrian army. He said that We are of the view that Islam forbids killing of innocent citizens and treats the murder of an innocent as the murder of entire humanity. Islam disallows and prohibits killing, abducting, converting forcibly or displacing common civilians. In Islamic Societies life and liberty and rights of people of all faith and religions were protected whether they were Jews or Christians.

Engineer Shujaat Ali Quadri, National General Secretary and convener of this National conference said MSO is against all form of violence and atrocities committed against whole Iraqi and Syrian population by terrorist forces like ISIS/Free Syrian Army. MSO view ISIS as a terrorist group which is going on devils path by killing and torturing innocent Civilians, Women and Children in Syria and Iraq especially in Kobani.

Mr. Quadri Said that We are trying to raise awareness of the severe nature of this event and would like to initiate a social media campaign immediately. He said that We want the scholars who are upon the Truth to come together and declare the obvious before it’s too late.

Presence on Seminar-
Mr. Rajiv (Famous Gandhian Activist, Lucknow)
Mr. Maulana Iqbal Quadri (Chairmar Muslim Convention, State Minister)
Shri Engineer Pradeep Kumar Palta (Founder, World Shudra Mahasabha),
Mr. Irshad Saqafi (State President, MSO of India),

Shujaat Ali Quadri

National General Secretary (MSO of India)