Dear Free Balochistan Movement (FBM)

I, Saliah Taj aka Salia Marri, cordially invite you to join a 5 day sit-in protest in front of 10 Downing street in London. The protest will be held continuously for 24 hours daily from January 3 to January 7,2024 for the safe release of my husband Mir Taj Muhammad Sarparahand Baloch missing persons.

On 19th July 2020, my husband became a victim of enforced disappearance, abducted by the ISI from Karachi. Countless Baloch individuals have suffered the same fate at the hands of Pakistan’s security agencies and army. Our collective silence only deepens the pain and injustice.

It has been more than three years and five months, and despite relentless efforts, my husband’s fate and whereabouts remain unknown. This sit-in protest serves as a platform to shed light on the enforced disappearances, not just of my husband but of many others who have been separated from their loved ones. It is an opportunity to raise our voices against the injustices perpetrated by the Pakistan Army and its agencies.

We implore you to stand in solidarity with my family and others who are enduring the anguish of having their loved ones missing. By participating in this sit-in protest, you contribute to being the voice of those confined to torture cells by Pakistani agencies and the army.

Event Details:
– Date: 3 January 2024 to 7 January 2024
– Time: 24 hours daily
– Venue: Infront of 10 Downing Street,London, SW1A 2AB

We look forward to your participation in this sit-in protest, as your support will make a significant impact.

Saliah Taj (Salia Marri)