We send our warm greetings and deep respect to all friends in South Africa as you celebrate the centenary of the African National Congress, an organisation which led one of the great movements of national liberation and resistance against injustice of modern times.

The ANC’s successful struggle to overthrow the oppressive apartheid regime in South Africa has provided inspiration for peoples struggling for freedom and justice all over the world.

The ANC has not only given pride and self-respect to the people of Africa, its example continues to inspire peoples who are resisting oppression today.

In particular we would like to pay tribute to the solidarity that you continue to offer to the Kurdish people as we know that the Kurds look to the history of the ANC as an example to be emulated as they continue to fight for their own freedom.

Post-apartheid South Africa has made tremendous progress under the government of the ANC which has initiated many important improvements in the lives of the mass of the people in terms of better services such as water, electricity, education and housing as well as greater opportunities for the poor.
We applaud this record of achievements and we are aware that the Kurdish people are watching closely your achievements as you continue to face the many challenges that remain today and in the future.

The people of South Africa and the ANC have shown and continue to show that with hope and determination and by working together a better world is possible.

Peace in Kurdistan sends salutations to all our friends in South Africa as you celebrate the ANC’s centenary year.

7 January 2012
Peace in Kurdistan Campaign