Join us for a special in-person event on Thursday, October 20th at 6PM at the People’s Forum! This year has marked the 10th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution in North-East Syria, where people have been building a new political system based on the principles of gender equality, grassroots democracy, pluralism, and ecological sustainability. Over the last year, this project has come under increasing attacks by NATO member Turkey that has waged a long-standing war against Kurds both inside Turkey and in its neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq.

We will be sharing a report-back from Rojava and the Yezidi homeland of Sinjar from both Anya Briy, a researcher and writer, and Steven De Castro, a director, teacher, and cinematographer, who have recently traveled to the region. Joined by Debbie Bookchin and Ozlem Goner, they will discuss the ongoing social revolution in Rojava, the Yezidi people’s struggle for autonomy, and Turkey’s continuous assault against both areas.

For those who can make it in person- stick around after the event to socialize at the People’s Forum’s cafe and bar to discuss organizing support for Rojava & Sinjar in the New York area!

For those outside the area, the event will be live streamed and recorded via the People’s Forum Youtube page, available here.

Please be sure to also register for the event through clicking the link here.

As always, follow us on our social media for the latest updates and upcoming meetings following the link here.

In solidarity,
The Emergency Committee for Rojava


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