The Kurdish Community Centre is hosting an afternoon of events this Saturday, starting with a discussion with Peace in Kurdistan Campaign’s recent delegates to the border region. All welcome!

Venue:  Kurdish Community Centre,  Fairfax Hall,  11 Portland Gardens, London N4 1HU

At 4:30pm on Saturday, 29th November 2014
Kobane is still under severe attack by ISIS. Over 50,000 people have been forced to flee Kobane as refugees to Suruc, in the Kurdish province of Urfa city of Turkey. Suruc sits just across the border from Kobane, separated by an arbitrary line that divides Kurdistan into four. Kobane refugees in Suruc have limited food and unsuitable shelter, and are patiently waiting for the end of this brutal war in order to go back to their homeland.

A group of activists from London and Edinburgh took part in a recent delegation to Suruc two weeks ago, meeting local officials, relief workers and refugees. They will share their observations about the situation in the region, the impact of the conflict on its people, what they need and how we in the UK can help them.

Reporting back from the region this Saturday afternoon will be:

Andrew Penny, Firat News and long-time advocate for the Kurdish struggle
Patrick Smith, freelance journalist
Zaher Baher, Haringey Solidarity Group and Kurdistan Anarchists Forum (in personal capacity)
Ruth Walter, trade unionist, sponsored by UNITE local branch
Aubrey Nunes, member of Stop the War Coalition and member of BECTU (Broadcasting and TV Union).

Come and listen to their first-hand accounts of the situation as it stands and show your support and solidarity.

The discussion will be followed at 6pm by the 36th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) with a programme of music and dance.

Long live Kobane!
Long live Rojava!
Humanity for the world…

Kurdish People’s Council UK