1. “Invasion of Afrin was a repeat of what happened in Shengal”
2. Thousands march for Afrin and condemn silence in Brussels
3. Claudia Roth: “What is the reason for this great silence on Afrin?”
4. Thousands march for Afrin and condemn silence in Brussels
5. 10.000 Turkey-backed FSA militia ready to start offensive against Manbij: pro-government newspaper
6. Turkey jails 28 people who attended Newroz in Istanbul
7. HRW slams Turkey’s social media crackdown
8. US Defense Secretary says Turkey’s actions hurt fight against ISIS, PKK needs to leave Sinjar US
9. Two Turkish soldiers killed, six others wounded in Afrin
10. Sweden’s SSU calls for international action for Afrin
11. Syrian Democratic Forces formed its first brigade in Raqqa
12. Egypt: “Events in Afrin are reminiscent of the Armenian Genocide”
13. Series of demonstrations for Afrin in Italy
14. Police arrest protesters as they promise Anna Campbell ‘we will fight on’
15. Protest for Afrin in front of the Council of Europe
16. HDP MP Botan sentenced to 18 years in prison
17. Die Linke MPs: “Europe should consider Afrin the new Vietnam”
18. NATO ally Turkey found guilty of war crimes
19. In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire
20. British woman killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin
21. Syria condemns Turkish aggression on Afrin, calls for withdrawal
22. Pro-Kurdish protests close King’s Cross and Manchester Piccadilly stations
23.While the world looks to Eastern Ghouta, civilians in Afrin are being slaughtered in their hundreds by Turkish forces
24. Ankara Faces Mounting Pressure Over Syria Operation
25. ‘Dossiers are being built up’ for prosecution of crimes in Syria, says UN rights chief
26. Turkey accused of recruiting ex-Isis fighters in their thousands to attack Kurds in Syria

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1. Strasbourg rally: Victory will be of Öcalan’s children
2. Turkmen fighter: We are defending Afrin together
3. Turkey Carried Out Gas Attack in Afrin: YPG Kurds, Syrian Gov’t
4. Turkey hits Kurds with toxic gas, 6 civilians injured – reports
5. Turkey sentences journalists to life in jail over coup attempt
6. Turkey denies release request from former head of pro-Kurdish party: party official
7. Afrin-Related Detention Tally: 474 on Social Media, 192 on the Street
8. Freedom for Ocalan Committee: Ocalan must be free
9. Police Operation Against “End War” Declaration in Hatay
10. Over 1,000 Kurds march in protest from Lausanne to Geneva
11. Turkey’s main pro-Kurdish party replaces jailed chief
12. Afrin Day 24: Turkey warns of total breakdown in US relations
13. Turkey launches investigation into new pro-Kurdish leader
14. Afrin: Five kilometers on five fronts in four weeks
15. ‘No problem’ if Damascus fights Turkey: Syria Kurds
16. Soccer: Turkey bans German-Kurdish player for life over ‘ideological propaganda’
17. Kurdish women occupy Tory HQ as UK-armed ally slaughters more children [TWEETS]
18. Never Again, and Other Empty Promises
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  1. KCK calls for national unity based on democratic values
  2. SDF: 308 Turkish soldiers and gangs were killed in seven days
  3. International volunteers join mass mobilization to defend Afrin
  4. SDF: 308 Turkish soldiers and gangs were killed in seven days
  5. British MP calls for an end to Turkey’s assault on Afrin
  6. Kurds invited to Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Sochi — diplomat
  7. US to Turkey: De-escalate Tensions in Northern Syria, Focus on Fighting Islamic State
  8. Syria war: Kurds call on Damascus to defend against Turks
  9. US to Turkey: De-escalate Tensions in Northern Syria, Focus on Fighting Islamic State
  10. Syria war: Kurds call on Damascus to defend against Turks
  11. British men prepare to fight Turkish-led forces in Syria
  12. Turkey’s preoccupation with Syrian Kurds could spell disaster for US
  13. Turkish attack highlights Syrian Kurds’ isolation
  14. Pentagon Chief Slams Ankara’s Op in Syria Amid US-Turkey Row Over Kurds
  15. Turkey to extend Syria campaign to Kurdish-controlled Manbij


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1. YPJ Afrin Commander: The Turkish state is digging its own grave
2. People of Afrin respond to the Turkish state
3. Syria Kurds say will defend enclave from Turkish ‘scourges’
4. Syria ‘ready to down Turkish jets attacking Kurds Afrin’
5. Damascus warns it may shoot down Turkish planes attacking Kurds within Syrian
6. U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds appeal to UNSC for quick action as Turkey readies attack
7. U.S. Border Plan in Syria Fuels Tensions With Turkey
8. “The Rojava revolution is the beginning of humanity’s revolution”
9. Jailed head of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish party acquitted of insulting minister

1. Turkish attack on Afrîn and our call on the international community to take
2. Turkey must not be allowed to attack Afrin
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1. MP says trip to Turkey reminded him of Belfast during the Troubles [VIDEOS]
2. AKP to ECHR: “We arrested HDP MPs together with CHP”
3. Kurdish MP banished from Turkey Parliament for uttering ‘Kurdistan’
4. EUTCC Conference Final Resolution and Video Links
5. Kurds ask international support for peace
6. “Öcalan’s freedom will contribute to peace in the Middle East”
7. The Trial of HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas
8. The Trial of Figen Yüksekdağ and Selahattin Demirtas
9. International observers arbitrarily denied access to hearings
10. Swedish parliamentarian says Turkish police threatened him with arrest
11. US Official Accuses Turkey of Pushing Extreme Islamist Ideology
12. TEV-DEM calls upon UN to fulfil its responsibilities over Makhmur
13. City banker turns his back on a fat salary to join the fight against Isis
14. Russia’s President Declares Military Victory in Syria: Shift to Diplomacy
15. Dozens of humanitarian organizations urge Iraqi PM to end flight ban in Kurdistan

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1. Lawyers appealed against isolation of Abdullah Ocalan
2. 400 
teachers from Raqqa and Ayn Îsa complete training cycle
3. Step by step towards the liberation of Raqqa
4. Syria Kurds preparing first vote in ‘federal region’
5. Edinburgh Kurdish families raided by “anti-terror” police
6. Erdogan critic urges Spain to block his extradition to Turkey
7. Will Interpol close for Erdoğan?
8. PUK Spokesperson: When MİT’s PKK operation failed, they blamed us
9. Germany: Our definition of terror is different from Turkey’s
10. Revolutionary Forces Commander: Turkey is trying to seize Idlib
11. Repression without borders 2: Second writer with Turkish roots arrested in Spain
12. Body of British volunteer, 22, killed fighting ISIS in terror group’s Syrian stronghold is returned home to a hero’s welcome
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1. Hunger strikers Gülmen and Özakça taken in custody
2. Kemalbay elected co-chair of HDP in place of Yüksekdağ
3. Turkey forming a new military force of gangs
4. Up to 22,5 years in prison sought for Co-mayor of Dersim
5. Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa dies in Iraqi Kurdistan at age 73
6. Turkey Calls on Trump to Fire Obama Appointee McGurk
7. Syrian force ‘tightens noose’ on Islamic State in Raqqa: U.S.-led coalition
8. U.S. envoy to the U.N. will visit Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey
9. Turkey demands US replace envoy in spat over Syrian Kurds
10. SDF Secures 350 Square km in Past Week, Coalition Spokesman Says
11. US delegation in Rojava
12. Kurds disappointed by Trump statements after Erdogan meeting
13. Ankara hunger strikers reach 70 days without food
14. The role given to Turkey: to be the protectorate of jihadists
15. Death sentence for Rojavan Kurd in Iran
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1. Trump to Arm Syrian Kurds, Even as Turkey Strongly Objects
2. Will US-Kurdish deal force Turkey back to PKK negotiation table?
3. Ankara prevents the publishing of CPT’s report on İmralı
4. Moslem: The circle around ISIS tightens around Turkey as well
5. Underlying reasons for Erdoğan-Masrour Barzani meeting in the US
6. 15 thousand civilians rescued in Raqqa operation in three days
7. Turkish state continues to build walls around itself
8. Academic freedom Turkish style: Prosecutor issued arrest warrants for historians who criticized Atatürk
9. Turkish parliament strips membership of pro-Kurdish lawmaker
10. Star Reporter Held By Armed Turkish Police
11. Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town and dam from ISIS
12. Rojda Felat: We avenged Yazidi women with the liberation of Tabqa
13. The Latest: Syrian FM Describes Kurdish Role as ‘Legitimate’
14. In blow to U.S.-Turkey ties, Trump administration approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State Continue reading “KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 9 – 15 MAY 2017”


1. War in Syria and Iraq could spread to Iran: PKK foreign relations head
2. Russia pushing Turkey into Rojava to force Kurds submit to Assad rule: PKK official
3. Political representatives call for struggle for Öcalan’s freedom
4. Syrian Kurdish leader hopes Russia didn’t betray the Kurds through Turkey deal
5. Kurdish YPG fighters repel ISIS attack on Syrian gas facility
6. Political Representatives call for struggle for Ocalan’s Freedom
7. Imprisoned opposition leader signals new alliances in post-referendum Turkey
8. Turkey bans poem of imprisoned Kurdish leader Demirtaş
9. Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea
10. Advances in Kurdish struggle shake up wars in the Middle East
11. Trump to tell Turkey: We’re going to take Raqqa with the Kurds Continue reading “KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 3- 8 MAY 2017”