Report of a Human Rights Delegation from Hamburg and Stuttgart


Britta Eder – Lawyer
Gül Güzel – Journalist
Martin Dolzer – Sociologist and research assistant to Bundestag member Heidrun Dittrich, The Left Party

The figures:

Around the time of our 21-day Human Rights Delegation visit in September 2011 the following events occurred:

  • 8 civilians were killed by Turkish soldiers and police officers
  • in Hakkari/Şemdinli and Batman, Turkish soldiers and police went round firing indiscriminately in both towns using live ammunition and grenades, in reprisal for guerrilla actions.
  • one guerrilla, detained in Batman, was extrajudicially executed by police
  • 900 persons associated with the BDP, with human rights work and the media were arrested
  • targets in Northern Iraq were incessantly bombed by the Turkish army, in contravention of international law
  • Prime Minister Erdoğan stated on several occasions that the time for dialogue with the Kurds was now past Continue reading “Report of a Human Rights Delegation from Hamburg and Stuttgart”