Only Mountains

Original Drama by Maxine Peake

When Pearl chooses Istanbul as the destination for her best friend’s hen do, it isn’t just the beautiful location that draws her there. While in Istanbul, Pearl meets people from the Kurdish community and her political convictions are strengthened through her encounters. But when she makes the controversial decision to join the YPJ, an all-female Kurdish militia fighting on the brutal frontline in Rojava against the Islamic State group, will her friends be able to change her mind?

Pearl…..Lyndsey Marshal
Berglin/Layla…..Shaniaz Hama Ali
Ruth…..Dawn Sievewright
Nesrin/Herwaz/Medya/Havin…..Arazou Baker
Jess…..Carla Henry
Tahlia…..Mercedes Assad
Salar…..Murat Erkek

Directed by Nadia Molinari

The drama follows a young British woman, Pearl, and her journey into becoming a member of the YPJ- an all-female Kurdish militia actively fighting on the brutal frontline in Syria to overthrow Islamic State group and create a new feminist democratic society. The drama explores what triggers Pearl to make the decision to join the YPJ, the risks she is prepared to take for her political convictions and the contentiousness around her decision. It questions the root of the ultimate sacrifice of putting your life on the line for your beliefs, especially when the battle is waged on foreign soil. It is a fictionalised account although based on detailed research with real people and organisations.