The Turkish Aggression

Health Council in Afrin 1

The Turkish aggression with its terrorist factions continue to commit the most heinous crimes and massacres against the unarmed people of Afrin. Thus violating all international laws of killing and burning that reflect their thought and retroactive mind.

The Turkish occupation warplanes shelled a gathering of civilians in Barbana village in Rajo on 5/3/2018. It resulted in the killing of three civilians and injuring 18 others with various injuries.

The injured were taken to a hospital in Afrin city. 3 of them were killed due to their severe injuries. They are:

1. Amina mohammed moustafa, 80 years. 2

2. Abdulrahman Khalil, 43 years.

3. Nouri jumaa.

Most of the injured were taken to the Operations Section and the ICU due to their severe injuries and unstable health.

This happens every day in Afrin city amid an international silence and lack of action from the humanitarian organizations and the UN, which only announced a decision to cease-fire in Syria without any formal embodiment of the Turkish aggression.

Democratic Self-Administration in Rojava-North of Syria

Foreign Affairs Body

Documenting and Preparing the Files Committee

Rojava/North of Syria-Qamishli 5/3/2018

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