Statement by columnist for ODA TV

To Turkish people and to the international community

The pressure and limitations on freedom of press in Turkey is not a new or recent phenomenon. However, it has reached to its peak level during the reign of the Islamist-rooted AKP government, due to its new regime perspective and hate towards the traditional pro-secular segments of the society. Today in Turkey almost 100 journalists are in prison for unjust accusations.

One of the most apparent cases, through which the freedom of press is under serious attack, is the Oda TV case in Turkey, in which fourteen journalists and writers have been taken under police surveillance and in which eleven of these journalists and writers have been arrested and put in prison.

The case is of the same sequence along with the other political cases, which are widely known as “the Ergenekon” and “the Balyoz” cases. In all of these cases there are serious illegal exercises of the police officers and of the prosecutors, besides the existence of the so-called “proofs”, which were later understood to be fabricated by many expertise reports. Continue reading “Statement by columnist for ODA TV”

KHRAG media release: Closure of Roj TV an attack on fundamental freedoms

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group has released a statement condemning Eutelsat’s decision to close down Roj TV. You can read the statement below, and its also available in pdf here.

KHRAG Media Release
Friday 26 January 2012

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group condemns unequivocally the decision by French satellite
provider Eutelsat, to close down Kurdish TV station ROJ TV, by denying it satellite services. Continue reading “KHRAG media release: Closure of Roj TV an attack on fundamental freedoms”

Kurdish people condemn Eutelsat’s unjust attack on Roj TV

French satellite company Eutelsat has announce it will suspend broadcasts by Roj TV, after courts in Denmark fined the broadcaster for alleged links with the PKK. Roj TV strongly denies the allegations, and is appealing the decision, but Eutelsat has preempted the appeal and has made the decision to take Roj TV off the air. Below is a statement by the Kurdish Federation UK on the decision.

There will be a protest today, 23 January, 12pm -1pm outside the French Embassy in London, to condemn this decision. Join the action! Continue reading “Kurdish people condemn Eutelsat’s unjust attack on Roj TV”

Kurdish TV on Trial: An interview with Dafydd Iwan

Dafydd Iwan, past President of Plaid Cymru- the Party of Wales, has just returned from Copenhagen where he observed the trial of Kurdish satellite channel Roj TV.

 The trial of the Kurdish language broadcaster Roj TV has been proceeding in Copenhagen since 14 August. The channel, watched by millions of Kurds every day in Turkey, Europe and Kurdistan, to whom it is a vital source of information and a cultural lifeline, is facing the withdrawal of the broadcasting license it holds from Denmark. Following intense pressure from Turkey to close down the television channel, Roj TV stands accused of being little more than a mouthpiece for the PKK and of making propaganda for terrorism. The trial is currently continuing and a verdict is expected sometime in December. Continue reading “Kurdish TV on Trial: An interview with Dafydd Iwan”

Dafydd Iwan: ‘Roj TV is the Kurdish people’s defence against oppression’

Former president of national Welsh party Plaid Cymru Dafydd Iwan has recently returned from Copenhagen, where he went as an international observer to monitor a hearing of the Roj TV trial. He offers us reflections on the trial and Danish-Turkish collusive efforts to shut the broadcaster down, in his blog:


It may be under the radar for the British press and media, but the court case currently taking place in Copenhagen where ROJ-TV is appealing against the decision to close it down is something we cannot ignore. There has never been such a blatant attack on the freedom of the press and the right of the public for information. ROJ-TV is the only Kurdish TV service, watched by 18 million people in Turkey, and millions more in the Kurdish diaspora. Continue reading “Dafydd Iwan: ‘Roj TV is the Kurdish people’s defence against oppression’”