Ottawa protests atrocities in Kurdistan

We received this press release from our friends in Ottawa, Canada, who gathered today in Parliament Hill to protest the atrocities taking place in the Kurdish regions of Turkey:

To the Canadian Press and General Public:

Ottawa –

The Kurdish Community will gather in Parliament Hill at 11:00 am on Monday January 18th, 2016 to demonstrate against the Turkish State atrocities in North Kurdistan (Turkey).  Continue reading “Ottawa protests atrocities in Kurdistan”

PiK patron exposes Turkish foreign minister in letter

Peace in Kurdistan campaign patron Margaret Owen OBE wrote the letter below in response to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s article in the Guardian yesterday:


Dear Sir,

I write on the eve of flying to Istanbul to observe the fifth hearing of the “unfair” political trial of 45 Kurdish lawyers, indicted simply because they represent their leader Abdullah Ocalan.  I am astonished that the Turkish Foreign Minister can declare (We represent all of Turkey, Monday June 17th) that his government “views peaceful protests as part of a democratic system” and these words on the very day that Erdogan accuses the protestors,( among whom 5,000 have been injured and four killed), of being “manipulated by terrorists”, and organised by foreign trouble-makers. Now he is going to call in the army to suppress all opposition. He will not listen.

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YEK-KOM responds to police violence in Mannheim

YEK-KOM – Federation of Kurdish Associations in Germany

9 September 2012

Dialogue not violence: Lift the PKK ban now

We regret the violent clashes between the police and some Kurdish youths so close to our 20th International Kurdish Culture Festival. In the one-sided coverage, what was not mentioned was the fact that approximately one hundred visitors to the event were injured by police batons and tear gas. Our sympathy goes out to those injured on both sides and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Yesterday, on Saturday, tens of thousands of Kurds from Germany and other European countries celebrated peacefully, together with international guests, a gathering under the motto “Freedom for Ocalan – a status for Kurdistan”. Continue reading “YEK-KOM responds to police violence in Mannheim”