The Peace and Democracy Conference to meet in Brussels

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Declaration to the press and public:

During the historic process that we are going through, an opportunity for a lasting peace has been created that lays the foundation for a free and democratic future for all our peoples. This period marks a turning point for the future for everyone.

We believe that the achievement of an enduring democracy is a common demand of everyone. In this context, we believe that all people, regardless of their ethnic origins, religion, language, culture, history and class positions, will carry out their historic responsibilities.

The peoples living in Europe who can trace their origins to Turkey and Kurdistan are a fundamental part of this process.

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Doğan Özgüden: “A shameful press trial for Turkey as for Europe!”

Doğan Özgüden, Info-Türk Chief Editor,  issued the following declaration on September 9, 2012, on the occasion of the  60th anniversary of the beginning of his journalistic career in Turkey:
44 journalists before a Turkish tribunal

A shameful press trial for Turkey as for Europe!

I began journalism in the Republic of Turkey at the age of 16 years in Izmir on September 9, 1952

It was the first years of the Democrat Party’s power having promised a real democratization in the country. However, at that date, 184 personalities of whom many writers or artists of the country were already behind iron bars on charge of belonging to a communist organization. It was followed by the arrest of many journalists or writers whatsoever be their political opinion. Continue reading “Doğan Özgüden: “A shameful press trial for Turkey as for Europe!””