News briefing from the PYD Foreign Affairs Office

Below we reproduce the latest news briefing from the Foreign Affairs office of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Syria:

Briefing News and Activities 3-6 September 2012, in Western Kurdistan
The People’s Council of Western Kurdistan condemning the brutal massacre in Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood, Kurdish populated area in Aleppo.

The People’s council of Western Kurdistan condemned the massacre on 6 September 2012 committed by Syrian brutal air craft bombardment and shelling the Kurdish populated Sheikh Maqsoud neighbourhood in Aleppo targeting civilians Kurdish people resulting in killings of 21 civilians and more than 45 civilians wounded, among them children and women most of the victims were from Afrin, where the victims were buried in a mass demonstration condemning the killings and chanted to protect the Kurdish region from the violence. Continue reading “News briefing from the PYD Foreign Affairs Office”

News briefing from the PYD foreign affairs office


The weekly briefing news from Media and Foreign affairs office of the PYD.

The continuation of Syrian crisis reveal that Syria has become an arena for regional and international conflicts after militarizing and Islamizing the popular and peaceful revolution for dignity and freedom. The regime has chosen to use the military and security as a tool to suppress and eradicate the revolution resulted in such a situation. The international and regional interventions are clear to the extent that war in Syria is labeled as a representative war on behalf of regional and international powers. This fact makes us realize how dangerous the situation is in Syria. The ambiguous future which awaits Syria after the expected fall down of the regime made the whole world worried about and planning for that day. What makes it worse is existence of Islamist extremist groups and all armed manifestations. Continue reading “News briefing from the PYD foreign affairs office”