Protest in London to mark anniverary of Ocalan’s kidnapping

8th Oct 2012 Kurdish Federation UK

Kurdish Federation UK Protest

the venue: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
date and time: 9th October 2012 at 12 o’clock

Abdullah Ocalan lived amongst the Kurds in Syria for many years having made the political decision to direct the struggle for Kurdish rights from outside of Turkey!

His presence there left a lasting legacy amongst the Kurds in Rojava Kurdistan that is evident for all to see as, today, the Kurds in Rojava liberate themselves from many years of brutal Baathist rule!
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Kurdish community celebrates May Day

Long Live May Day! Biji Yeke Gulane! Yaşasın 1 Mayıs!


Once again this year Kurds are celebrating May Day in Kurdistan, Turkey and all the capitals of the world, in the spirit of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year. This is because for Kurds, May Day is not just a day for workers and labour, but for the freedom and resistance of all the oppressed nations, classes and ‘others’ of the world; this is why May Day is also a celebration for Tamils, Baloch, Sindhi, Basque, women, students, religious groups and all oppressed peoples.

We are thousands here today from all these nations and groups, in exile, away from our lands, and we are in solidarity with the British working classes, of which we have also become a part of. But we have been made the scapegoats, the unemployed, pushed into menial labour as underpaid service providers of this system, which, in its economic crisis has targeted us more savagely than any other. Millions of people, officially and unofficially have lost their jobs, millions who did not have access to work have had their social security benefits cut, student fees have been tripled, access to housing and basic council services have been eroded, local community funding and services have become almost non-existent, and as the riots last year showed, there is a growing discontent among the working classes, which unfortunately has no political direction, at least not yet. Continue reading “Kurdish community celebrates May Day”

Come to Trafalgar Square and show your support for the Kurdish hunger strikers!

Twenty Kurdish activists in London began a hunger strike yesterday, Wednesday 14 March at 8am in Trafalgar Square. The action, organised by Fedbir, the Kurdish Federation UK, will continue until the 17th of March, in parallel with similar actions which have been taking place within Turkey and across Europe.

They need your support! Come down to Trafalgar Square to show solidarity for the hundreds of activists on hunger strike, as well as the thousands of political prisoners in Turkey!


Organised by Fedbir, Kurdish Federation UK.
For further information, contact:, 0207 272 4131 or
M Aksoy: 07506 702 697

Kurdish political activists begin hunger strike in London

View a statement on the hunger strike by Kurdish Federation UK: London hunger strike activists state their demands


For immediate release


Several Kurdish activists in London will begin a five-day hunger strike Wednesday 14 March at 8am, in protest against increasing repression in Turkey. Continue reading “Kurdish political activists begin hunger strike in London”