Final resolution of the 2nd Women’s Conference

The end of May saw 210 delegates from all over Kurdistan and Europe to discuss the current political crises across Kurdistan and the importance of women’s issues. The conclusions of the conference and the final resolutions can be found below:



 The 2nd Kurdish National Women’s Conference took place between 22nd to 24th May 2012 in the south Kurdish city of Hewler (Erbil). Under the theme, ‘Many colours, one voice for national unity,’ 210 delegates from all four regions of Kurdistan as well as from Europe took part in the conference where both the political situation and the women’s question in all four regions were evaluated. The conference ended with a general final resolution. Continue reading “Final resolution of the 2nd Women’s Conference”

International Crisis Group publishes report on oil and Iraqi Kurdistan

The International Crisis Group, a organisation involved in international conflict resolution which provides analysis and advice to governments and intergovernmental bodies like the UN, EU and the World Bank, has published a new report called Iraq and the Kurds: The High-Stakes Hydrocarbons Gambit.

You can read the executive summary of the report below, and we have also made the report available for download here (pdf). Continue reading “International Crisis Group publishes report on oil and Iraqi Kurdistan”