Kurdish Supplementary School opens in Islington

We are pleased to bring you news that the Kurdish Supplementary School in Islington (KSSI) will start this Sunday.

Please circulate this information to the Kurdish and non-Kurdish parents who might be interested in it . The Kurdish Supplementary School is open to pupils from school age of 5/11 years. KSSI is run by London Kurdish Institute, funded by Cambridge Education @ Islington

KSSI aims to raise attainment levels of pupils in Literacy, Numeracy and Mother Tongue. These courses will be run 3 hours on Sunday, as requested by the parents.  We will teach Mathematics, Kur dish (Kurmanji) and Traditional Kurdish Dance Classes (free of charge).  Mother Tongue will be taught in the way in which children can enjoy it. Children will have fun and learn Kurdish through stories, drawing, painting, carton films, drama, talking and playing. Continue reading “Kurdish Supplementary School opens in Islington”

MEP responds to news of abuse in Sincan Prison

The GUE/NGL Group at the European Parliament recently published a damning report about the recent news that child prisoners held at Ponzanti Prison in Andan, Turkey have been subjected to sexual, physical and mental abuse. You can view the full report here, and below, we reproduce a statement by Jurgen Klute MEP responding to new allegations that the abuse of the same children has been continuing since there transfer to Sincan Prison in Ankara.

On new information concerning the situation of jailed Kurdish children in Sincan prison (Ankara)

Jürgen KLUTE German Member of the European Parliament, GUE/NGL Group

Coordinator of the European Parliament – Kurds Friendship Group Continue reading “MEP responds to news of abuse in Sincan Prison”