David Morgan – The Kurds

Peace in Kurdistan’s David Morgan has been featured in the latest edition of Live Encounters with a piece on the history, politics and recent development of the Kurdish struggle:


The Kurds – A resilient people with a tragic yet inspiring history – David Morgan      

The Kurds are an ancient people with distinctive heritage, traditions and language. They have lived on their historic lands for centuries alongside the other peoples of the Middle East as is reflected on old maps of the region where Kurdistan generally features. Their recent tragic history of dispossession, oppression and struggle for very survival as a people can be traced to the settlement imposed on the region in the aftermath of the First World War which saw the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the redrawing of the borders of modern states. That settlement drawn up by the victorious imperial powers denied the Kurds the right to national self-determination.[…]

Read the piece in full at Live Encounters, where it is also available for download.