Joint statement by Syrian Kurdish civil society

Below is a statement by Syrian political parties and civil society organisations on al-Qaida affiliated Jihadists armed groups attacks in Syrian Kurdish region:

Joint public statement and appeal by political parties and civil society organizations:

For months our areas have been subjected to treacherous attacks by ‘dark’ forces, the majority of whom have crossed the border from neighboring countries. These forces include Jabhat al Nusra, the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham, ISIS, who have been invading our regions, killing our people, looting our property and destroying our land.

They have used brutal methods, mass killings, torture, crude psychological warfare, spreading lies, creating tension among the peacefully coexisting people’s of our land – all in an attempt to stir up sectarian strife. They have tried to convert our relatively peaceful area into an arena of conflicts between our different nationalities. Today no one can deny that hundreds of people have lost their lives, many more kidnapped and injured, in this bloody conflict which these terrorist groups have dragged our region into. Their actions have had the sole effect of providing the regime forces with a pretext to attack our areas. These vicious attacks by these terrorist groups come at a time when Kurdish authorities have embraced thousands of internally displaced Syrian families, providing them with shelter and a safe haven in these times of trouble. Indeed, these acts of blind terror target all components of our region, Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and Armenians alike. We, parties and humanitarian organizations, national, youth and women’s movements of our great land, strongly denounce this blatant aggression against our areas. We urgently call on the international public opinion, all sides of the national Syrian opposition, democrats and peace loving people to take a similar stance.

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