“Since the independence of Syria, the pan-Arab chauvinism trends escalated within the Syrian state, as a result of the prevailing political atmosphere in the Middle East and the Arab world at that stage. There was Syrian-Egyptian unity and after that the Baath Party came to power and still in power to this day. The Syrian regime has been implementing discriminatory policies that do not keep pace with the nature of Syria and the components of Syrian society. Such as, the exceptional Census, the repossession of the Kurdish peoples’ land and later the introduction of the Arabic Belt, and many of the unjust laws and decrees against the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan and Syria.

With changes that developed in the Middle East, and the rebellion of the people against tyranny and authoritarian ruling in many countries, each country had to review their policies that they have made up to this date, and work to meet the democratic demands of their communities and their components, otherwise their fate will be the disappearing from history, and the price of intransigence and insistence previously by force will be costly on the rulers and people.

Based on the above facts and because of the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan and Syria are an essential part of Syrian society, and we are in the Democratic Union Party (PYD), representatives of the largest part of the Kurdish people in Syria. We believe as it would be more  appropriate to extend our statement in order to contribute in bringing Syria in from the unrest, and the delivery of the Syrian society, including the Kurdish people in Syria to safety and stability and repair what has been marred for decades, and we trust that the solution to the Kurdish issue in Syria is the most important dilemma which requires courage in the decision-making and implementation, as we believe that without solving the Kurdish issue in western Kurdistan, Syria cannot resolve any other issue. The resolution would lead to resolving all other outstanding issues.

For the reasons set out above, therefore we urge the Syrian authorities take two steps reluctantly, since it is the party that should be making changes required on one hand, and being the party that is the direct cause of Syrian society to get to this situation by neglecting the demands of society and the requirements at this stage, and not to involve the public in decision-making and implementation, causing complications and injustice and prejudice against segments of society. The first of these steps require urgent implementation to begin immediately with the concerned parties and sectors of society, which will open the way for completion of the draft resolution through the steps and programs within the context of the second option at the stage of the solution.

Steps that require immediate implementation:

  • The release of detainees and political prisoners immediately, and prisoners of opinion and expression, particularly freedom fighters Kurds. Also, to grant amnesty to the sentenced and the abolition of political arrests.
  • The abolition of martial law and a state of emergency in force for decades and abolition of special courts and sentences has been issued so far fully and rehabilitation for those who been harmed.
  • The abolition of the intelligence services that have practiced oppression and abuse of the masses until now, or restrain the powers that can not be cancelled so as not to interfere in the affairs of the community at all shall not exercise any form of pressure, prevention, directly or indirectly.
  • Allowing numerous political parties and institutions that represent segments of society to practice democracy in public activities without interfering in its affairs or the exercise of repression of belonging to them, until the passage of the law of the democratic parties take into account the specificities of the Syrian society and its components.
  • Establishing comprehensive national representatives’ council of all ethnicities of Syrian society and affiliations instead of the current parliament, far from the dominance of the ruling party and its direction. For this Council to consider the conditions of society and the changes required, and take the necessary decisions as responsible for following up their implementation.
  • Recognition of the existence of the Kurdish people as an essential component of Syrian society that have rights and duties.Subsequent steps that must be implemented after trading in the National Index.

In respect of  democratization of Syria:

  • Formation of a committee to establish a democratic constitution, to include the representatives from all components of the Syrian society, and developing a new constitution, commensurate with the specificities of the Syrian society and affiliations, ethnic, cultural and ideological, and encourages the voluntary unity and social solidarity, including changing the name of the country to what it was known by formerly (Republic of Syria)
  • Development of Constitutional articles to ensure constitutional separation of legislative, executive and judiciary powers and its independence, and non-interference in its affairs and powers.
  • Based on Constitution guaranteeing the democratic collective freedoms such as the use of mother tongue and education and learning in mother tongue, and publication of it.
  • Disseminating cultural development and recognition, and the establishment of cooperative societies, economic, and organizations interested in the affairs of society and the environment, in addition to respect individual freedom of opinion and expression.
  • Presenting Laws and the terms included in the participatory management of the state preventing a monopoly of power by the party or one ethnic or components of society without the others, or to military coups.
  • Enactment of new laws, taking into account the rights of all contemporary segments of society, especially women and children and care of elderly.
  • The enactment of the new law for media and publishing taking into account the right to freedom of expression and publication and printing.
  • The establishment of a commission of inquiry and research in past practices and to hold accountable those responsible for the convenience of the community conscience, and work to restore harmony and cohesion between the segments of society on a voluntary basis, after having been damaged due to past practices.
  • Investing in new economic policies to be able to achieve equal opportunities and equitable distribution of national wealth. This prevents monopoly, and encourages innovation and collective economy.

     Steps to be taken on the resolution of the Kurdish issue:

  • Constitutional recognition of Kurdish identity and requirements of the language or culture and education privacy, education and cultural development.
  • Cancel the exceptional Census in 1962 and its consequences, and reinstatement of Syrian nationality to all individuals deprived and to compensate those affected.
  • Abolition of all laws, decrees and circulars issued confidentiality against the Kurds, and treat them as legitimate citizens equal in rights and duties with all the components of the Syrian people, in terms of recruitment and use of and access to all state institutions.
  • Paying attention to areas in west of Kurdistan in terms of investment and development projects and to avoid the effects and the devastating consequences suffered by the growing population until now because of the unfair policies. Also, returning the acquired land to its original owners, and compensation for losses suffered by them.
  • Take action to enact the necessary laws to enable the Kurdish people in western Kurdistan and Syria to establish community-based organizations, cultural, educational, and amendment of the Local Administration Act, in order to access the Kurdish people to self-governing democracy.

These are vital and essential issues for the democratization of Syria and solve the Kurdish issue in Syria.  Without taking these steps we will not be able to maintain the unity and cohesion of Syrian society and solve its urgent problems, and achieve voluntary unity and cohesion between the components of the Syrian society, and ensuring the future generations. We will not be able to remove Syria from being a target for the intervention of the forces of global domination.”

The Council of Democratic Union Party (PYD)

30 March 2011