We send solidarity greetings to the Saturday Mothers and demand that they be allowed to continue to gather in Galatasaray Square, Istanbul, unmolested by the forces of the Turkish state. The courage of the Saturday Mothers has made them an inspiration for people in Britain and all around the world who care for human rights, justice and democracy. They must not be attacked, harassed or persecuted.

It is an alarming development when Turkey’s Interior Minister describes these women as being ‘exploited by terrorists’. The Saturday Mothers have held their peaceful protest for 23 years simply to ask the authorities to provide them with information on the fate of their loved ones who have been disappeared without trace in Turkey since the military coup in 1980. How does this benefit terrorism? How does a grieving mother’s request to learn of what happened to a missing child or husband justify a banning order, an attack with rubber bullets, tear gas and mass arrests? These are surely the actions of a government descending into the depths of depravity and fascism.

On 25 August and on 1 September 2018 police barricaded access to Galatasaray Square on the 700th and 701st occasions of the Saturday Mothers assembly. They were accompanied by MPs and representatives of journalists’ and human rights campaigners’ organisations. Their actions were totally peaceful but they were violently set upon by the police. The image of 82-year-old Emine Ocak being manhandled and seized by police officers was viewed across the globe. Emine’s son disappeared in 1985, the year that the Saturday Mothers’ actions began. She is desperate to know what happened to him after all these years. For acting as any mother would she was treated like a violent criminal, grabbed and arrested.

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Saturday Mothers who deserve our full support. In this year, when we in Britain remember the sacrifices of the Suffragettes in their struggle for democratic rights, we know that women are the key to the future, for freedom and justice. Likewise, in Rojava we have witnessed the courage of the women in the forefront of transforming life in the Middle East for everyone who lives there. What an amazing achievement this is. The hope of humanity rests with the women.

We are proud to declare our Solidarity with the Saturday Mothers.

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