Peoples’ Democratic Party

Honest Politics

We believe in honest and transparent politics. We know that the relationship between politicians, bureaucrats and capital is one that is based on interest and is a byproduct of this political system. We are fighting against the vortex of corruption and bribery that has seized all mediums of politics, from local to federal, in Turkey.

A Democratic Party

We the democratic and peaceful forces of Turkey; representatives of labor, ecology and women’s rights associations, artists, writers, intellectuals, independent individuals, workers, representatives of different ethnic and religious groups, the unemployed, the retired, farmers, the handicapped, scientists and those whose cities are being destroyed have united here. Our organization starts from the streets and develops into local assemblies in our neighborhoods.

Our local assemblies and party are open to everyone whose willing to work with us. We are expecting you to join us too…

New and Honest; Democratic and Self-governing; Egalitarian and Just; Not disdaining; Positive and Productive; Powerful, Well-Equipped and Competent; Problem Solving; Party of Democracy.

HDP is…

A Party of Freedom and Equality

We demand what we seek the most in our land: Freedom, equality, peace and justice. We fight for democracy, workers’ rights and humane life standards. We highly regard the rights of the nature and the humans and all those who inhabit the world.

We believe that people deserve the opportunity to freely and equally exercise their rights. We demand that in order to establish a well-functioning democracy, such rights be constitutionally assured for those who speak different native languages and are of different religious or ethnic backgrounds too. HDP demands a constitutional assurance to exercise peoples’ rights in their vernacular and with respect to their cultural or religious beliefs and background.

We want to live in a country where no one is discriminated against or subjected to any form of oppression or pressure because of their ethnic backgrounds, beliefs or thoughts. The only way to construct a two-way peace process and a peaceful, democratic future is through ensuring that everyone lives equally and freely together in the society.

A Pro-Peace Party

Achieving peace in Turkey is HDP’s top priority. In order to guarantee peace, it is essential to establish the right to education in one’s native language, the right to self-govern at the local level and the constitutional recognition of equal citizenship. We believe that in order to bring peace to Turkey, everyone’s, primarily the Kurdish and Alawite peoples’, righteous demands should be respected and recognized rather than be ignored.

We demand peace not just for Turkey, but also for everyone else around the world. We support the peoples’ struggle for peace and freedom in the Middle East and across the world against the invasions, wars, military zones, and armament fueled by the imperialist powers.

A Pro-Labor Party

The capitalist system exploits and alienates the masses. We believe in establishing humane economic and social living standards for the working class individuals. We stand in unity with the working class struggle against the unsanitary, unsafe, uninsured working conditions, efforts to de-unionize workers and subcontracting.

We are fighting against unemployment and poverty, the devastation of the local producer and farmers. We are a part of the struggle of the oppressed masses.

A Pro-Selfgovernment Party

We do not believe in the misconception that democracy is solely about voting every four or years. We support direct democracy.

It is essential to get organized in all mediums of life to have a say in and authority over the decision-making and executing mechanisms. We strive to guarantee the inclusion of all persons in the decision-making and executing mechanisms in the democratic system.

HDP believes that the establishment of democratic and autonomous local governments is the first step towards a well-functioning democracy; we work to put in place strong local governments and defend every citizens’ right to the city. Governors and district governors should be elected, not appointed. Education, healthcare and safety services should be provided by local governments.

A Pro-Gender Equality Party

Women are being exploited and discriminated against at home, and at work. Most of them are employed for lower wages and much longer hours. They are being subjected to violence, while some become the victims of sexual assault, harassment, rape and honor crimes.

We implement positive discrimination policies until the day women and men are viewed as equals in this country. As a result, we exercise equal representation policies across our party organizations.

We struggle against the male-dominated order in the social, economic, cultural and politics mediums of life. We support women’s struggle for freedom and equality.

To us, the discrimination against the LGBTQ individuals is no different that a form of racism. We raise the voice of the LGBTQ individuals against hate crimes, xenophobia, murders and violence against the LGBTQ community.

A Green Party

Nature is one the verge of death. The flora and fauna is constantly being put under threat for the sake of profit. The world we live in does not solely belong to us and is not for us to devastate its resources. The forests, birds, flowers and the bugs of this planet have their rights too, as the nature has its own balance and order in place. We will protect this order.

We do not believe that nature is a commodity that can be bought or sold. We are not the masters of nature. Our struggle is against those who pollute the air, who threaten the flora and fauna and pollute and exhaust our lakes and rivers with their “mega crazy projects” and nuclear and hydroelectric plants.