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International campaign in defense of Afrin/Global call for action
Stop Turkey’s war against the Kurdish People in Afrin!

Defend Afrin!

Supporting the resistance is an historical imperative!

In London the family, friends and comrades of Anna Campbell marched against the barbarism unfolding in Afrin. Her father Dirk said: “Just as you will never forget my daughter who lived, laughed, danced , shared, fought and died with you. Together we will ensure that she did not die in vain”. See full speech here. 

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Actions took place across the world on Saturday marking global resistance to the war against the Kurdish people in Afrin. The UK actions included the re-making of Kawa the blacksmith in Dundee.

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And in Manchester, the bridges were taken over.

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The criminal assault on Afrin constitutes a new phase in the Turkish state’s war on the Kurdish people. This invasion and genocidal attack has been carried out in front of the eyes of humanity. This assault would not be possible without the complicity of the major powers. The heroic resistance of the Kurds in the struggle for Kobane triggered the breakdown of the peace process and a spill-over of the war in Syria into the Kurdish region of Turkey. The past two years have witnessed human rights atrocities in the Kurdish region of Turkey, with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Now the war against the Kurds escalates further, with the criminal invasion of Syrian territory. The war crimes against the Kurdish people in Afrin are crimes against humanity; and the resistance of the Kurds is the resistance of humanity. Long live the grass root democracy of Rojava and the democratic confederal model!

We call for the immediate implementation of a ceasefire in Afrin and in all of Syria, as requested by the UN Security Council; the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army, whose presence in Afrin constitutes a flagrant violation of international law; and the full, inclusive participation of Syrian Kurds and their organisations in the UN-led peace process for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

Turkey continues the Afrin bloodshed, thus contradicting the UN ceasefire resolution!

 Stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Turkish Army in Afrin!


First Signatories

Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Lecturer of Political Sociology, Cambridge University, UK; European Afrin Solidarity Platform; Estella Schmid, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) UK; David Graeber, Professor of Anthropology, London School of Economics, UK; Stephen Bouquin, Professor in Sociology, Univ. Paris-Saclay; Federico Venturini, Social Ecologist, Italy; Janet Biehl, Autor and Independent Researcher, USA; Joost Jongerden, Wageningen University, Sociology and Anthropology of Development Department, Netherland; Rojava Solidarity-Belgium; Barbara Spinelli, Laywer, Italy; Debbie Bookchin, Journalist, USA; Joe Ryan, Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission, UK; Jonathan Spyer; Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament, UK; Kariane Westrheim, Professor University of Bergen, Chair of EUTCC, Norway; Dr Les Levidow, Researcher, Writer, UK; Louise Regan, President National Education Union, NUT Section; Margaret Owen OBE, International Human Rights Lawyer, UK; UK; Simon Dubbins, Director of International-UNITE, UK; Noura Raad, European Network of Migrant Women- ENMW (UK); Thomas Schmidt, Secretary General ELDH European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World, Germany; Tony Simpson, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, UK; Dr Vicki Sentas, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, Australia; Fabio Marcelli, Lawyer, Italy; Costas Mavrides, Member of the European Parliament; Ana Maria Palacios, FeministAlde, Pays Basque, France ; Olivier Stein, Progress Lawyers Network, Belgium; Marie-Christine Vergiat, Member of the European Parliamentm GUE/GNL ; Georges Henri Beauthier, Lawyer, Belgium; Christine Blower, NUT International Secretary, UK; Rahila Gupta, Southhall Black Sisters, UK ; Dr Nadje Al-Ali, Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS University, UK ; James Kelman, writer, scotland; Dr Derek Wall, writer, Goldsmiths University of London ; Trevor Rayne, Editorial Board Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, UK ; Dimitri Roussopoulos, Chair of the Transnational Institute of Social Ecology, Canada ; Chris Stephens Scottish National Party MP; Tommy Sheppard, Scottish National Party MP ; Haldi Sheahan, activist, UK.



Erling Folkvord, Writer and Former MP, Red Party, Norway; Thorvald Steen, Author, Norway; Jan Bojer Vindheim, District Councillor, Green Party, Norway; Dr. M. Naci Akkök, Chief Architect, Liberal Party, Norway; Haci Akman, Professor University of Bergen, Norway; Efraim Bulut, PhD Cardiologist, Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Norway; Selim Eskiizmirliler, Neuroscientist, University Paris Diderot, France; Anna Jikhareva, Journalistin WOZ – Die Wochenzeitung, Zürich; Carlo Sommaruga : Lawyer, Conseille National; Franco Cavalli doctor, former MP; Balthasar Glättli – National Rat-Swiss; Barbara Schällibaum, Vertreterin der feministischen Frauengruppe St.Gallen; Marcel Bosonnet, Lawyer-Swiss; Illias Panchard, Conseil Municipal Vert/ Lausanne; Bent Endresen, Lawyer, Norway; Roy Pedersen, President, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, Region Oslo; Christopf Bürkler, Philosoph-Swiss; Marina Widmer, Sociology-Swiss; Maja Hess, Prakt. Ärztin Zürich; Daniel Gelzer, Sp- Kanton MP-Swiss; Edibe Golgeli– SP-Kanton Mp-Swiss; Laurence Fehlmann Rielle, Mph, Directrice De La Fegpa; Rete Kurdistan Italy;  Simonetta Crisci, Lawyer,Italy; Giuliana Commisso, Department of Political and Social Sciences University of Calabria Italy; Carmelo Buscema, Researcher and Aggregate Professor,Italy; Anna Firolli, Municipal Councilor Italy; Eleonora Forenza, MEP GUE-NGL Italy; Paolo Ferrero, Vice presidente of Partito della Sinistra Europea, Italy; Maurizio Acerbo, PRC National Secretary Italy; Stefano Galieni, PRC National Spokes of Pace e Immigratione Italy; Giancarlo Vitali Ambrogio, journalist, Italy; Emily Clancy, Municipal Councilor, Italy; Federico Martelloni, Municipal Councilor,Italy; Andrea Cegna, journalist,Italy; Grazia Bucca,,fotoreporters, Italy; Luigi Galloni,-Italy Antonia Zannino,-Italy; Janroj Yılmaz Keleş, Sociologist, Middlesex University London, UK; Engin Sustam, Sociologist, Université Paris 8 St. Denis, France; Yves Dermenjian, Mathematician, Université d’Aix-Marseille, France; Marie-Claire Caloz-Tschopp, Philosopher, Collège International de Philosophie, France; Claude Calame, Sociologist, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France; Michelle Lecolle, Linguistic, Université de Lorraine, France; Tuna Altınel, Mathematician, France; Igor Babou,Sociologist,Université de Paris Diderot; Şeref Kavak, Sociologist,SciencesPo, Paris; Nalan Erbil,Sociologist,Université de Wisconsin; Deniz Başar,Civil Engineer,Université de Toronto; Özgür Gündoğan,Petroleum Engineer,Université de Portsmouth; Joseph Grim Feinberg,Sociologist,Academie de Sciences de la Republique tcheque; Fabio Sulpizio,Philosopher,Università del Salento, Italia; Habibe Şentürk,Doctorante,University of Göttingen; Ramazan Pertev,Kurdolog,Université de Rouen; Tolga Tören,Economist,Universität Kassel; Yasmine Siblot,Sociologist,Université Saint Denis; Geoffrey Pleyers ,Sociologist,Université Catholique de Louvain; Mehmet Ugur, Economist,University of Greenwich Business School,UK; Handan Soguk, Historian of international relations, France; Tuncay Sur, Sociologist, EHESS, France; Suheyla Kaplan, Journaliste, France; Siyaves Azeri, Philosopher, ENS, Paris, France; Sevgi Dogan, Philosopher, University of Pisa, Italy; Selen Göbelez Dumas,Sociologist, EHESS, Paris,France; Saladdin Ahmed, Political Philosopher, Whitman College, USA; Ruşen Işık, Philosopher, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest,France; Rezan Aksoy, Metteur en Scène, France; Rana Gurbuz, Sociologist, Paris 1 Sorbonne, France; Nazan Üstündağ, Sociologist, University of Boğaziçi, Turkey, Germany; Kamal Soleimani, Historian,City University of New York/Queens College,USA; Melehat Kutun, Sociologist, Universität Kassel, Germany; Michela Russo, Linguistic,Université Lyon-3, France; Murat Karataş, Business man, Sweden; Mustafa Erdem Sakınç, Economist, Université Paris 13, France; Mustafa Şener, Sociologist, Universität Bamberg, Germany; Muzaffer Kaya, Sociologist,Université Technique de Berlin, Germany; Naime Erdem Başaran,Graphist, France; Kumru Toktamış, Sociologist, Pratt Institute, USA; Latife Akyüz, Sociologist, Universität Goethe, Germany; Mehmet Oturan, Chemist, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France; Mehmet Rauf Kesici, Economist, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany; Chantal Jaquet, Philosopher, Paris 1 Sorbonne, France; Antonia Bartels, Scientifique éducationnelle, Germany; Çiçek Ilengiz, Sociologist, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany; Deniz Atay, Computer Engineer, France; Deniz Yonucu, Anthropologist, Freie Universität, Germany; Didier Coste, Writer, Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France; Dilşa Deniz, Anthropologist, EHESS,France; Erdal Kudis, Journaliste, ODAK, France; Eren Can, Philosopher, Université Paris-1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, France; Eric Fassin, Sociologist, Université Paris 8 St. Denis, France; Esmeray Yogun, Sociologist, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris, France; Fikri Ozan Arslan, Medical doctor, France; Gülay Kılıçaslan, Sociologist, University of York, UK; Gülşah Kurt, Jurist, Université François Rabelais de Tours, France; Hamit Bozarslan, Historian, EHESS, Paris, France; Hande Gülen, Sociologist, Université Paris 8 St. Denis, France; Hümeyra Doğan, Jurist, Université de Tours, France; Ibrahim Seydo Aydoğan, Linguistic, INALCO, France; Irfan Emrah Kanat, Management Information Systems, University of Ohio, USA; Jan Mervart, Philosopher, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Ceska Republika.