Call for awareness to the indefinite hunger strikes in Turkey

18 October 2012

AKP Government’s ongoing pressures such as arrestment operations against Kurds and democrats have created a deep political trauma. It is clear that, arrestment operations became a political massacre. Kurdish politicians including MPs, mayors and members of city councils, journalists, trade unionists and many other activists from the NGOs have been imprisoned. So, majority of them are in hunger strike since 12 September 2012. The hunger strike started in 7 prisons with 63 people. 50 of them are men and 13 of them are women. So, the number of strikers is rapidly rising. More than 600 arrestees and prisoners have attended to the indefinite and irreversible hunger strikes.

Strikers started to the action for the following demands:

1. Education in mother tongue, defense in trials
2. Respect to Kurdish people’s democratic rights
3. Freedom for leader of the Kurdish People, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan.

As from 14 October totally 324 captives/prisoners are in the hunger strike without B1 vitamin. 283 of them men and 41 of them are women. It is urgent that, the strikers’ health situation is going worse.

AKP government did not make any statement about hunger strike for 37 days. Although all of these insensitivity captives declared that; as from Monday 15th October all of captives have started to the indefinite and irreversible hunger strike.

We expect awareness and solidarity from international public opinion about this urgent event.

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