Peace in Kurdistan Campaign is involved in a range of activities that aim to call attention to the human rights abuses suffered by the Kurdish people, and connect those who are involved in the struggle for genuine and lasting peace.

  • We are always as vocal possible when we see repressive action taking place against the Kurdish people. Here you can find all our latest statements, press releases, appeals and reports.
  • Early Day Motion’s are a useful way of building support from MP’s in the British Parliament and, with enough signatories, they are debated  on the floor of the House. You can view recently tabled EDM’s here, as well as information on how to get your MP to sign the motion.
  • We regularly organise delegations of UK representatives to Kurdistan, for example as observers at political trials or to investigate allegations of war crimes, and we facilitate visits of Kurdish representatives to the UK. Where possible, we will provide information on public meetings and events we may hold relating to these visits.
  • As well as EDM’s, we lobby parliament to ensure the Kurdish perspective is heard by UK MP’s. We hold meetings in the Houses of Parliament, writing regularly to MP’s and submitting reports and evidence to relevant inquiries.