A livestream discussion celebrating the history and resistance struggle of the Kurdish freedom movement.

* August 15, 1984, signals the beginning of the Kurdish freedom movement led by Abdullah Öcalan. The revolution in Rojava would not have been possible without decades of resistance and the ideological works of Öcalan and the PKK, which had special emphasis on the principles of participatory democracy, confederal solidarity, anti-capitalism, dual power, and feminism (expressed in Jineology). This panel brings together world-renowned experts on Kurdish history, politics, journalism, and activism. The discussion will offer crucial insight into the dramatic history, reality, and prospects of the Kurdish Question. When you purchase a ticket for this event, you will be sent an eBook version of Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan’s Turkey (Black Rose Books, 2018)

* We also encourage you to check out the excellent series our comrades at PM Press have put together of translated works by Abdulluh Öcalan: https://www.pmpress.org/blog/authors-artists-comrades/abdullah-ocalan/

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