In this webinar, Meral Çiçek (from the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office, Southern Kurdistan, Iraq) will address why it’s necessary for women’s movements to further think through the concept and idea of internationalism and why the Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movement believes Democratic Confederalism might be a structure and model for building a strong and effective global women’s struggle.

Questions around forms and ways to coordinate and unite women’s struggles are not new. But more and more women’s movements, organisations and activists are moving to women’s internationalism as a way of strengthening the global women’s liberation struggle, of fighting together against all forms of patriarchy and of building democratic alliances. This quest of women’s movements from all over the world reflects the changing conditions and opportunities of women’s liberation struggle in this first quarter of the 21st century. The Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movement has also been part of this discourse in the recent years, pitching its suggestion for a ‘World Democratic Women’s Confederalism’.