Title: Where is Turkey Heading?
Speakers: Garo Paylan (HDP) and Muharrem Erbey (Human rights’ lawyer)
Moderator: Ara Sarafian (Gomidas Institute)
Date: Tuesday 19 July 2016
Time:  6.00-7.30pm  
Location: Parliament, House of Commons, Westminster, Committee Room 2a
This meeting has been organised by the Gomidas Institute (London) and Peace in Kurdistan. It is hosted by Lord Rea.
Further Information: or tel 020 7586 5892
About the Speakers: Garo Paylan is a Turkish politician of Armenian descent. An economist by training, he is a Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) MP in the Turkish Parliament representing Istanbul. Mr. Paylan is an outspoken critic of the Turkish government on minority rights. Muharrem Erbey is an author, journalist and lawyer specialising on human rights. A former vice-president of Human Rights’ Association in Turkey, he has compiled reports on abuse, disappearances and extra-judicial killings of thousands of Kurds in south-eastern Turkey and represented them at all levels, including at the ECHR. He is the recipient of the Tucholsky Award by Swedish PEN.