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Weekly Summary of Latest Events in Rojava-Syria

 People Protection Units (YPG)
 Asia Abdullah: “If you don´t want to help us, at least don´t stand against us”
 Declaration of intent between the Coordinating Committee and the parties of the democratic self-government
 International aid organizations in the refugee camp Hakamiya
 The democratic self-government calls the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights to send a fact-finding mission
 Miscellaneous News
 Educational and Cultural Activities


People’s Protection Units:

Al-Hasaka- The people´s protection units (YPG) defend themselves against an attack on the fire brigade in the city Al- Hasaka by regime troops, after they have freed the fire brigade. The troops of the Army National Guard (“the masked man”) who belong to the Baath regime attacked the fire station of the city of Al-Hasaka. Thereupon the people´s protection units (YPG) defended themselves and there were heavy fighting’s with use of massive munitions. Several military vehicles were destroyed before the regime troops withdrew.
Kobani- YPG defended themselves against an attack by ISIS mercenaries on the village Kon Aftar, south of Kobani- Canton. Several ISIS mercenaries lost their lifes and others were seriously injured.

Al- Hasaka- In the district of Al-Mufti of the city Al-Hasaka (Aljazeera Canton) there was a heavy fight between YPG and the Asayesh units on the one hand and the regime troops on the other hand, when the regime attacked the bases of Asayesh troops. The correspondent of the Hawar Agency informed that the regime troops, known under the name “the masked man”, have begun to attack the bases of Asayesh units, close to the Al-Mufti district.
Thereupon there was heavy fighting since the Asayesh units fought back. The residents reported that casualties of the regime were transported in the nearby “Shabo” hospital in the city.

Asia Abdullah: “If you don´t want to help us, at least don´t stand against us”:
Information center: Asia Abdullah, chairman of the Democratic Union delivered a speech on the incorporation of external powers in the affairs of Rojava in the “Bernama Taybet”
program of Ronahi TV and said to the democratic Kurdistan Party: “Give us your political program, your suggestions and opinions concerning an appropriate management for Rojava. That would be our wish, but it has to end that you play one side against another kurdish side. This is the kind of occupation that the Regime of Saddam, Iran, Turkey and the Baath regime have similar. This procedure is dangerous and you should bar the way to such a behavior. ”

Furthermore Asia Abdullah requests the Democratic Kurdistan party to stop the hostile policy against Rojava: “If you don´t want to help us, at least don´t stand against us.” She also said: “We repeat and emphasize again that there are many common points between the Kurdish parties, on which you should focus on. There are no brotherly fights, as some people spread this information. The forces of Rojava will not interfere in Hawler and the forces of South Kurdistan havn´t been undertaken an invasion against Rojava. The continuation of this policy serves neither the general interest nor the interests of the Kurdish side. ”

At the end of the conversation Asia Abdullah said that one can understand the attacks of ISIS, the Al-Nusra and the regime in Rojava because they are enemies of the Kurdish people, but what meaning have the attacks of the Kurds against their Kurdish siblings in Rojava? This should be a hint to the last explosion in the house of a member of Al-Barastan in Rojava and the attempt to attack sleeper cells, as well as official and civilian bases.

Declaration of intent between the Coordinating Committee and the parties of the democratic self-government:
Derbasiya- During the visit of a delegation of the Coordinating Committee’s of Al-Jazeera Canton, the delegation and the parties of the democratic self-government in the second meeting was at the center of the left-Kurdish Party in Syria on a letter of intent, based on the diversity and the unity of all groups.
During the meeting, the two sides agreed on a declaration of intent by the Kurdish initiative as follows: “The Kurdish initiative for democratic change based on the diversity and unity of all groups want to achieve a serious contribution to the unity of the national Syrian opposition which efforts the creation of a political project for the desired change. The creation of a political solution serves to build a pluralistic democratic Syria.”
In the statement it was also said: “Both sides see the democratic self-government as a necessity and a reflection of the will of all citizens and residents of these areas with all their diversity.”

International aid organizations in the refugee camp Hakamiya:
Derik- A delegation of representatives of five international organizations has visited the Hakamiya refugee camp in the town of Derik at Al-Jazeera Canton to review the current situation in the camp and the possibilities of assistance.
The delegation consisted of representatives of the High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Food Program of the United Nations, the International Rescue Committee, Doctors without Borders and the Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid.
The delegation has conducted several meetings with the leaders in the camp. The talks focused on possible benefits of assistance for the refugees.
Mohamad Adam, director of the UNICEF organization of the city of Al-Qamishli told the Hawar agency that the delegation visited the refugee camp with the aim to compile statistics, and to check the service location in the camp. He also said that the UN will assess the situation and the possibilities of assistance to the refugees.

The democratic self-government calls the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: to send a fact-finding mission:
Information center- A trusted source of the democratic self-government in Al-Jazeera Canton confirmed that an invitation to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has been sent to perform with the request a fact-finding mission in the Al-Jazeera Canton.
According to this information, the aim of this visit was to be a suburb of investigation for allegations, published in a report dated on 20-05-2014 where human right violations took place in areas of the self- government. The source confirmed that the presidium has great interest in human rights and that the invitation has been sent to lead an investigation so that the truth can be published.

Miscellaneous News:
Kobani- An Arab fellow-citizen of the village Khoros, south of Kobani-Canton, was shot and wounded by ISIS snipers. She is the second woman injured in the village within a week.
Hawler- The security and news services of the Kurdish Democratic Party has five Kurdish refugees Rojavas arrested after they have searched through refugee apartments in the regions Kasnazan and Family Mol in Hawler.
Educational and Cultural Activities:
Sari Kaniye- The “Kurdish Red Crescent” in Sari Kaniye distributed certificates to 28 participants after they have completed a 45-day training program.
Derbasiye- Mohamad Issa, President of the Youth and Sports Committee at Al-Jazeera Canton share that they are preparing new regulations regarding clubs, organizations and youth clubs for teenagers for being better organized in sports and politics.