We are here republishing a recording of a book launch event, held at Housmans bookshop in London on 19 April 2023, co-hosted by Black Rose Books. Among the books featured was Self-Determination Struggles: In pursuit of the Democratic Confederalist Ideal by Dr. Thomas Jeffrey Miley, patron of Peace in Kurdistan, published by Black Rose Books. This recording of the event was originally published by Autonomy Now Media.

Black Rose Books, the international book publisher hosted this event with Housmans Bookshop.

The talk was given at Housmans Bookshop, London on Wednesday 19th April 2023.

Black Rose Books are a non-profit, independent, and alternative book publisher that has published non-fiction books in the fields of the social sciences and humanities since 1969. https://blackrosebooks.com/

Thomas Jeffery Miley teaches political sociology at the University of Cambridge, presented his new book ‘Self-Determination Struggles: In pursuit of the Democratic Confederalist Ideal’. The book deals with the philosophy and politics of Abdullah Ocalan, (considered today’s Nelson Mandela), imprisoned on a prison island for some 23 years.

Author Brian Morris, presented his new book ‘Anthropology and Dialectical Naturalism – a Philosophical Manifesto’. Morris taught anthropology at Goldsmith for many years.

Dimitrios Roussopoulos spoke about his book ‘Political Ecology – System Change not Climate Change’. The book both challenges the contemporary environmental movement, while presenting radical alternatives. After founding Black Rose Books in 1969, he now mentors the project, transfering his knowledge to a new generation to continue with the project that is Black Rose Books.