Connor Hayes speaks with Prof. Radha D’Souza, Professor of Law, Development, and Conflict Studies at the University of Westminster, about her work with social movements in South Asia, the current situation in India, the intersection of philosophy, culture, and resistance, and the prospects for self-determination today.

Radha D’Souza is a critical scholar, social justice activist, barrister and writer, from India. She is Professor of Law, Development and Conflict Studies at the University of Westminster. Radha is a democratic rights activist from India and works to promote international solidarity with social justice movements in India. She works with the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities in the UK. She supports the work of Peace in Kurdistan. Radha was member of the Imrali Delegation for freedom for Abdullah Ocalan in 2016 and wrote the preface to the second volume of Abdullah Ocalan’s text ‘Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization, Volume II Capitalism – The Age of Unmasked Gods and Naked Kings’.

Connor Hayes is an activist, researcher, and a student of philosophy. He was a member of the 2019 International Peace Delegation to Imrali.

This interview is sponsored by the Peace in Kurdistan Campaign.

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