Vicky Blake, Director of UCU, University and College Union, interviewed by Erem Kansoy.

Topics of the talk included how she came to understand more about the importance of Ocalan, through hearing about the campaign to free him at the Durham Miners Gala; she discusses the importance of unions engaging in international work and the Kurdish Freedom Movement specifically and how Ocalan’s incarceration is emblematic of the whole Kurdish struggle; she considers how the voice of the labour movement in the UK has to be strong to overcome efforts to silence them. They are pushing to encourage people to raise the issue of Ocalan with their MPs. She calls for us to issue a consistent message to our government to pressure them to raise Ocalan’s case with the Turkish government.

The interview was prepared with the support of the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign and the Peace in Kurdistan campaign in collaboration with Medya Haber TV and Sterk TV.

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