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It’s been nine months since heavy fighting erupted between the Sudanese army, under the control of the ruling military government in Khartoum, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces. Thousands of civilians have been killed or injured. More than 7.7 million have been displaced. Both parties have shown complete disregard for international human rights law as well as international humanitarian law, in particular the principles on the conduct of hostilities. At least 25 million people across Sudan are in need of assistance, among them 14 million children.

Recording of a webinar held on 29/1/2024

Fathi El-Fadl is a member of Forces for Radical Change in Sudan, opponents of the current civil war, and a vice president of the International Centre for Trade Union Rights (ICTUR). He was previously – in the 1970-80s – a student leader in Sudan and leading member of the International Union of Students. He is based is Khartoum and thus a witness to the ongoing conflict.


Lindsey German, convenor, Stop the War coalition
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Liberation Joint President and founder of Peace of Justice Project
Gawain Little, General Secretary, GFTU

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