In memory of the life and death of Elijah McClain

This song is in protest of the tragic and brutal slaying of Elijah McClain. Elijah was a gentle and talented soul whose life was ended too soon because his black life didn’t matter. Our hope is that justice will be done and that this song will help prevent the unjust killings of more black lives by those who have sworn to serve and protect. Artist, composer and vocalist: Dr. Don H Matthews, Producer: Ethelyn Friend Violinist: Gloria Bruner Audio mixing and mastering: Kevin Meehan, Sugar City Studios Video editing: Kevin Meehan, Sugar City Studios Album art by Faith Matthews Links to Creators:

Author and Scholar

Blackcentricity : How Ancient Black Cultures Created Civilization; Revealing the truth that White Supremacy Denied

Honoring the Ancestors: An African Cultural Interpretation of Black Religion and Literature, Pilgrim Press Author: “Can This Church Live?”