UNISON 2017 Fringe

Wednesday 21 June 12.30-2.00
Sandringham Suite, Hilton Hotel
Organised by UNISON South Lanarkshire Branch

Hundreds killed by state forces-thousands made homeless-towns put under curfew-children shot-residents trapped in basements as buildings set on fire-whole towns razed to the ground-MPs jailed for condemning violence-journalists, academics and trade unionists jailed-hundreds of thousands of public servants sacked-opposition media and newspapers shut down-NGOs, charities, human rights and women’s organisations closed down by state decree-state of emergency powers used to suppress all opposition-presidential dictatorship and suppression of democracy

Simon Dubbins, Unite International Director and Freedom for Ocalan Campaign
Dr Salima Tasdemir, Co-Chair Kurdish People’s Assembly
Steve Sweeney, Morning Star and Solidarity with the People Of Turkey (SPOT)
Jo Magpie, Brighton Kurdish Solidarity
Wednesday 21 June 12.30-2.00