Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê

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                       Congrès National du Kurdistan

کۆنگرەی نەتەوەیی کوردستان                         

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 Once again, the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is beating the war drum. At each and every single opportunity he is baring his teeth, yelling for war. This time he is taking aim at Efrîn. Erdogan and his regime have not kept their plan a secret, overtly stating that they want to destroy the will of the Kurdish people.

The achievement of Kurdistan and the Coalition forces in Rojava and northern Syria have shattered the dreams of Turkish statesmen. They cannot think of any alternative, other than war. The only thing they can think of is how to mass murder the Kurds and destroy their achievements.

Rojava and northern Syria have given rise to a new system. Democracy and federalism, which allows for the promotion of a free life of the population, have driven the Turkish authorities crazy. It is doubtless that the Kurds and their allies destroyed the terrorist groups supported by Turkey. This accomplishment provided the Kurds with international solidarity, especially the historic achievement of Kobanê (January 2015) which became a symbol of the modern world, to be followed by other victories in Raqqa, Deir al-Zor (Deir Ezzor), and other places. In the process of liberating these places, the Kurds advanced themselves into a vibrant and recognised actor for freedom. Turkey and its allies such as ISIS and Jabhat Nosra (Jabhat Al Nusra aka Jabhat Fatah Al Sham) became the symbols of anti-humanity. The Kurdish progress, with their new system, cannot be thwarted by Turkey and its proxies.

Now, they want to prevent the development of this model, whatever it takes. That is why they have deployed military detachments and heavy weapons along the border. To make the attack possible, Turkey has been looking for a pretext. Ostensibly, the cooperation between Rojava and the Federation of North Syria with the United States, along with the development of the YPG poses a security threat to Turkey. The YPG – as a national military force – has been active in the region since 2011. Its mission is to protect the people. Erdogan, on the other hand, has been deliberately making a mess, looking for baseless pretexts.

Even though the Turkish state has lost respect in the international sphere and turned into a disgusting entity, the Kurds and their allies should take a serious stance against Turkey’s aggression and prepare themselves for it.

Erdogan and his government are under strain. In the meantime, they are preparing for the 2019 election. Erdogan wants to strengthen the conservative and racist circles in order to prevail in the election. That is why he has been looking for an excuse and opportunity to ignite the war. He sees Efrîn as a weak point.

But the Turkish state, Erdogan and his government, and their allies are misunderstanding the situation. They will not triumph over Efrîn. No matter what effort they take, they will not be able to achieve a notable result, or expropriate the freedom of the people. The world has recorded a story of great resistance being put forward against a great offensive. No matter how big the Turkish offensive, the Resistance of Kobanê is always there to draw a lesson from. Putting the same amount of willpower and effort we will foil the occupationist attack. The Kurdish people in Kobanê rewrote the history of resistance. In Kobanê, it was not only ISIS that broke down, but its ally, the Turkish state, also cracked. Moreover, it was in Kobanê that conservatism and racism were crushed.

The Turkish state, Erdogan and his government, along with their allies will face a defeat bigger than the one ISIS suffered in Kobanê. Efrîn is there with its population preparing themselves to defend their home, honour and future. The YPG and the YPJ along with the people of Efrîn will be in the resistance fortifications. The Kurdish people do not seek war. But if they are attacked, they will turn Efrîn into a cemetery for the occupiers, including Erdogan and his allies.

The situation is sensitive, at the point of an imminent war. The Turkish state’s goal is the invasion of Efrîn. They have also mobilised the local mercenary forces for this purpose.

In the current situation, there is no meaning to silence. The sound of war and invasion is ever increasing. That is why the sound of resistance and defence should also be heard.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) with a loud voice calls upon the Kurdish people to pay attention to this serious process, see it critically and prepare themselves accordingly. The Turkish state is launching a war of life and death against the Kurds. It has left only one alternative for the Kurds and their allies, which is resistance and victory. The Kurdish people should make every preparation to crush this offensive and come out victorious. There is no other way left other than a triumph. Efrîn must be the castle of resistance and victory. The Turkish state and Erdogan must taste the flavour of defeat in Efrîn.

The KNK also calls upon the democratic world, the United Nations, the European Union, the United States of America, Russia, China, the Vatican and the Islamic World to warn Turkey against plunging itself into such a war.

The KNK, likewise, call upon the Turkish people, the democratic and humanist forces as well as the liberal circles inside Turkey to take a stance against the war-mongering of Erdogan-Bagceli, raise their voice against them and stop their sabre rattling.

The Kurdistan National Congress calls upon the Kurdish people—inside and outside the country—as well as all Kurdish movements—big and small, political and civil—to coordinate themselves with a view to promoting a strong cooperation with the people of Efrîn and Rojava. They should liaise with their friends and relatives to rally themselves behind the people of Efrîn against Erdogan and its government’s occupationist endeavours.

Victory belongs to our people, Efrîn, West Kurdistan and the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria and our allies. The Turkish state, Erdogan and their allies will once again be crushed.

 The Leading Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK)