Freedom for Ocalan  Peace in Kurdistan TUC 2017 Fringe Meeting
TUC Kurdish Struggle Leaflet_5

Chair – Simon Dubbins, Unite the Union Director of International
Christine Blower – NUT International Secretary
Michelle Allison – Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) women representative
Stephen Smellie – Branch Secretary, UNISON South Lanarkshire
Doug Nicholls – General Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions
Elif Sarican – Kurdistan Students Union

Tuesday 12th September, 12.45 The Regent Room, The Grand Hotel

All TUC delegates and friends welcome
Buffet lunch and refreshments provided

Turkey’s policy of war against the Kurds in Turkey and Rojava

Turkey is in the throes of massive repression with President Erdogan having ordered

the arrest and detention of hundreds of thousands of opposition politicians,

journalists, trade unionists, human rights activists and many, many others. He has also

declared a brutal war on the Kurdish population and undertaken massive military

actions – murdering thousands and destroying cities.

However, despite the repression democratic forces and the Kurdish population

continue to resist. At the same time with ISIS on the verge of being defeated in Syria

and a referendum on Kurdish independence in Iraq looming, the Kurds are in a

pivotal role to help define a new tolerant inclusive and democratic Middle East.