Originally published: https://sautiyaujamaa.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/to-the-womens-defence-unit-of-northern-syria-rojava/

Sauti Ya Ujamaa | 10 March 2018

Dear Comrades,

It is with much pain and anger but filled with hope and courage that we write to express our solidarity with the Women’s Defence Unit of Northern Syria during this moment of struggle to defend humanity.

In this moment, the world is witnessing the barbaric and inhuman attacks against well-established human values in in Northern Syria, a highly democratic society with unshakable gender equality principles.

We are also experiencing high levels of UNCIVILIZED practices from the world’s preachers of “CIVILIZATION”  i.e.  the US, Turkey and their allies.  The horrors inflicted on the poor masses of Syria continue to expose the imperial force’s cruelty to human kind, and attest to the fact that, those are the immediate enemies of civilization and humanity.

Yet it’s the same moment when the strength, perseverance  and bravery within women have been brought up to light by the Women’s defense Unity of Rojava.

The hard and excellent work you have been doing of keeping peace and security in  Northern Syria, has openly shown that the Women’s defense Unity of Rojava is not only strong but also very brave.  The unit’s involvement in fighting for the oppressed in Kobane and currently Afrin region have both shown the significant role you play in defending the community and challenging the status quo in in Syria which is supposedly a  highly patriarchal society.


We solute your courage and readiness to stand up against such forces in defense of humanity and its values.  That courage alone is the greatest victory to the suffering masses of Syria, and to all the women and oppressed people of the world.

As we commemorate the international women’s day and remember the struggles of the women who contributed to the socialist revolution hundred years ago, we feel connected to your struggles and, despite the physical distance, we share your pain, sufferings and above all the anger and commitment to keep up the fight against such injustices.

The Tanzania Socialist Forum –  Women’s Wing,  does not only proclaim its stance to support your struggles but also condemns in the strongest terms possible, the Imperialists’ attempts to destroy the democratic society you built with your hard labor and sweat.

We call upon all women in the world to take actions against such atrocities and defend human values wherever and whenever they are attacked.

Long live the Women’s Defense Unit of Rojava.

Long live the Revolution in Rojava.

Long live the strength of Women.

In solidarity,

Christina Mfanga,

Tanzania Socialist Forum – Women’s Wing.