Turkey and it’s ally Mahmoud Barzani have in the last weeks threatened to attack Sinjar. We as Yazidi’s are baffled that they want to attack the survivors of a genocide.

At the same time we declare that we will defend ourselves this time against any attack. We as YBS and YJS will fight against any force that attacks us.

Turkey has no right to attack a minority in another country. The KDP Peshmerga have no right to attack us as Sinjar is not part of the KRG but falls under the jurisdiction of Baghdad. We remind the world that the KDP Peshmerga fled when we were attacked by ISIS.

If there is any political problem we call on the US and Baghdad to work with us to solve that problem in a political and peaceful way.

We call on the US, International Coalition against ISIS and the government of Iraq as well as the EU and UN not to allow another attack at the Yazidi’s. Such an attack will be extremely detrimental for the efforts to defeat ISIS.

All the world has recognised the ISIS atrocities against us as genocide and we call on the international community to remember this recent past and prevent it from happening again.

Sinjar Council

YBS; Sinjar Resistance Units

YJS; Sinjar Women’s Units